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At some auto repair facilities, an air filter may be replaced during any regularly scheduled…Air Filter, Replace


The Car Salon Tire & Auto provides air filter replacement services to customers in Calgary, AB. When your car or truck is operating in tiptop mechanical condition in Calgary, AB. it’s easy to lose sight of the preventative maintenance. Still, preventative maintenance on crucial gears and components under the hood will help improve the overall life of your car or truck. It will also help save you trouble and money down the road. So if your car or truck has hit the 12,000 to 15,000 mile mark, then it’s time one of our auto professionals inspects your engine air filter and cabin air filter. Our auto mechanics will ensure that air is flowing smoothly through your car or truck’s engine air filter and cabin air filter.

Engine air filters are a critical component in the combustion process of your vehicle’s engine. Your car or truck’s engine air filter traps airborne contaminants like dirt, dust, and insects before they can float their way into the engine. Clogged engines are most often the culprits of poor engine performance. Our auto mechanics will remove and inspect the air filter before suggesting a clean, new engine air filter. Many manufacturers recommend not cleaning and reinstalling old air filters, in which case a new air filter will be installed. In any case, we will ensure you have air flowing cleanly and smoothly through to the engine for maximum performance.

Cabin air filters are important to the airflow inside the vehicle. Cabin air filters remove dirt, dust, and particles such as pollen and other allergens from the inside air of your car or truck. Consider cabin air filters the climate control of the interior of your vehicle. Without a cabin air filter performing at maximum capacity, you’re putting your passengers at risk while breathing unclean, dirty air in Calgary, AB.

Sometimes you will be able to detect when a cabin air filter has gone bad. The air will smell musty. A faulty air filter will also release fumes and other particles into the cabin. When an air filter is no longer performing at maximum efficiency, your car or truck’s heater and air conditioner may become inoperative. At worst, over time, the entire heater or air conditioner will become corroded. Don’t ignore the warning signs. At the first sign of trouble, please don’t hesitate to contact us in Calgary, AB for an air filter preventative maintenance service. Above all, our auto professionals want to send you away from an air filter service feeling good about the performance of your vehicle. We also want you to feel safe while driving out on the road.

At our facility in Calgary, AB. we are happy to provide quality care and customer service in in Calgary, AB. We have been catching and correcting car and truck air filter maintenance issues for years. If you feel like something has gone wrong with the performance and quality of your air filters, then stop in today for an inspection. We pride ourselves in same-day service turnarounds for all air filter maintenance issues. So make an appointment for the future or drop your car or truck off during your lunch break from the office. We’ll quickly and accurately replace your vehicles air filter so you can get back to what matters most.

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