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In Calgary you got to love winter driving conditions. They are unlike any conditions you’ll experience all year.Checkup, Winterization


The Car Salon Tire & Auto is the leading checkup, winterization shop in Calgary. When it is fall in Calgary and winter is on its way. When was the last time you brought your car or truck in for a checkup? Before the snow falls, visit our team of trusted auto mechanics to outfit your vehicle for the coldest months of the year. There are a few important maintenance issues to address. That remain specific to colder areas and harsher driving conditions of winter. During a Checkup, Winterization, we’ll also take care of other maintenance items. Some that might have escaped your attention earlier in the year.

In Calgary during a Checkup, Winterization, our auto mechanics will check your oil and coolant/anti-freeze levels. Anti-freeze is an important element during the colder months of the year. Since it keeps fluids from freezing inside your car or truck’s engine. Without the proper amount of anti-freeze, your engine will freeze. Then your car or truck will refuse to start leaving you cold and stranded. Our mechanics will also check the other fluid levels. Your windshield wipers, transmission, power steering, brakes, radiator, and more. Belts and hoses are another crucial aspect of a winterization checkup. We won’t risk a weakened belt or ones with cracks and tears. Our mechanics will replace belts and hoses as needed to keep your car or truck running smoothly.

Properly charged batteries are another important aspect of our Checkup, Winterization preventative maintenance service. Batteries require a particular level of amps to power up in the winter. Older batteries are harder to start during the colder months. Have you considered the advantages of outfitting your car or truck with a set of winter tires? Winter tires offer more tread depth. They are designed to deliver stronger traction and better control on slicker surfaces. If you drive a heavier vehicle, our mechanics will make sure to talk to you about the advantages of keeping a good set of tire chains in your vehicle. In case one of your tires gets stuck in the snow.

At our NE Calgary shop. We won’t let any aspect of general maintenance escape us during a winterization checkup. We’ll even inspect your spark plugs, which affect gas mileage and overall reliability. We’ll also clean your battery posts to ensure better points of contact. After a winter checkup, our team of mechanics will ensure that your car or truck is better equipped to have the upper hand on winter.

Regularly scheduled preventative maintenance on your car or truck. Will help improve fuel efficiency and overall performance. While avoiding any major repairs in the future. When you bring your car or truck into our facility for a winter checkup. Our experienced mechanics will check everything from the batteries to your fluid levels. We are happy to provide preventative maintenance winter checkups for Calgary, AB. to help save you trouble down the road.Navigating snow-covered roads can be nerve-wracking enough. Let us worry about the performance of your car or truck during your next winter checkup visit. Now is the time to make sure your car or truck is in peak performing conditions. Make an appointment for a winterization with our trusted team of mechanics today.

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