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In Calgary, AB. we file fuel injection under preventative maintenance. A fuel injection…Fuel Injection Service

The Car Salon Tire & Auto is the leading fuel injection service shop in Calgary, AB. Are you wondering about the benefits a preventative maintenance service like fuel injection can have on your car or truck? Then look no further than our facility in Calgary, AB for the answers.

Dirty fuel injectors can lead to poor performance, weakened acceleration, intermittent power, poor fuel economy, rougher idling, not to mention the dirt and debris left behind inside your car or truck’s engine. Known by our mechanics as a preventative maintenance, a fuel injection service can help you avoid long-term engine damage in your car or truck. Just as your car or truck should receive an oil change every 3,000 miles, your vehicle should also receive a fuel injection service every 24 months or 30,000 miles. Fuel injection preventative maintenance has also been known to improve your car or truck’s gas mileage and drivability.

Don’t drive unaware in Calgary, AB. Learn how to detect the early warning signs of trouble plaguing your car or truck’s fuel injectors and engine. If you experience any of these shortcomings, then come in for a quick fuel injection service at your earliest convenience. A fuel injection service will need to be performed if you lose power or your gas mileage drops suddenly. You may also hear knocking noises coming from inside the engine. Your car or truck may continuously stall. There may be hesitation in the engine even when your car is receiving full battery power. If your engine continues to sputter after you turn the ignition off, you should seek out a fuel injection service immediately. Sometimes, a noxious and harmful odor may emanate from your car or truck’s exhaust. Don’t drive through rough engine performance at any speed. Look out for backfires, spits and pops. Any warning lights flickering on and off on the dashboard may also be a sign that your car or truck is due for a fuel injection repair service. If any of these symptoms are plaguing your car or truck, or if you’re past 30,000 miles, come visit us for a fuel injection.

A fuel injection service at our facility is designed to remove carbon build-up from fuel injectors, valves, and other combustion chambers to ensure better performance and more efficient gas mileage. During a fuel injection service, our experienced auto mechanics will run concentrated fuel injector cleaner through your car or truck. We might also provide an injector throttle body service along with a pressurized fuel rail cleaning service depending on the results of the concentrated fuel injector cleaning service. In any case, before you leave our facility, our auto professionals in Calgary, AB will ensure that your car or truck’s fuel injectors are operating at optimal performance for increased drivability.

A dirty fuel system can be problematic and beyond repair if dirt and debris is left floating around inside for to long. At our facility, we are happy to provide preventative maintenance in Calgary, AB. to help save you trouble in the future. After all, you rely on experienced auto mechanics to catch problems ahead of time. Fuel injection preventative maintenance will help keep your vehicle’s fuel system working at maximum efficiency so you can continue driving unworried. Stop in today for a fuel injection service, or simply contact us to make an appointment for the future.

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