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Oil and Filter Change

Oil and Filter ChangeIn Calgary, AB. you expect your car or truck to stay healthy on the road for a long time…

The Car Salon Tire & Auto is the leading oil and filter change shop in Calgary, AB.  It’s easy to lose sight of internal maintenance when driving through smooth stretches of highway under clear blue skies. But preventative maintenance on the crucial gears and components can improve the life of your car or truck and save you trouble down the road. If your car or truck has hit the 3,000-mile mark in Calgary, AB, then it’s time for an oil and filter change service. Don’t let a proper preventative maintenance service like an oil and filter change pass you by.

So why is an oil and filter change so important for the life of your car or truck? Oil lubricates the working parts of your engine and keeps them from touching on each other. Oil prevents wear and tear on the working parts of your engine. Oil also helps carry heat away from the engine during the combustion process. If your car or truck’s oil level is low, then the engine temperature will rise, which may eventually enact long term damage on your vehicle’s engine. Oil also helps keep the inside of your engine clean and free from dirt and debris. Sometimes, the oil in your car or truck will pick up enough dirt that it becomes over saturated. The excess dirt and debris will eventually turn to sludge that will eventually build up on your engine, resulting in a more expensive and thorough repair service later. An oil and filter change now will help remove these contaminants from the engine ensuring your engine continues to run clean and smooth.

Don’t worry about coming into our facility in Calgary, AB with the right type of oil in hand for your car or truck. Even if you’ve lost your owner’s manual, our experienced auto mechanics will have no trouble locating the proper oil for your car or truck. During an oil and filter service at our facility, we will handle everything down to providing you with the mileage of your next oil and filter change appointment.

An oil and filter change preventative maintenance at our facility in Calgary, AB will include a new oil filter and up to five quarts of quality motor oil. A new oil filter will provide your car or truck with more power, better gas mileage, and longer engine life. An oil and filter preventative maintenance may also include chassis lubrication and a four-tire rotation. After all, our experienced auto professionals pride themselves on taking the lead in preventative maintenance for your car or truck so you don’t have to worry.

In Calgary, AB our mechanics will be happy to top off other fluids while changing the oil. During every 3,000 miles or 3 months, it can be a good idea to change the fluid in your transmission, power steering, clutch and brakes, and windshield washer.

We’re happy to provide quality customer service and quick preventative maintenance in Calgary, AB. After all, we know how much you are counting on our team of mechanics to catch and fix problems ahead of time. Don’t even bother with making an appointment for an oil and filter change. This type of preventative maintenance should only take 30 minutes out of your day. So stop in today and visit us during your lunch break or before heading home from the office for your next oil change.

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