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Ball Joint (Upper/Lower), Replace

You are driving to work in Calgary, AB.  when suddenly you hit a bump in the road and you…Ball Joint

The Car Salon, Tirecraft provides ball joint replacement services to Calgary, AB.. In Calgary  there are a few symptoms of upper and lower ball joints on the outs. The steering on your car or truck might be unresponsive, or you might feel yourself over-steering. You might even notice your tires pointed at a different angle and, upon closer inspection, discover that the tread on your tires has been wearing down unevenly. Over-steering and uneven tread wear are the two most important warning signs for upper and lower ball joints tending towards failure in Calgary, AB. Be wary: These warning signs can also be symptoms for other items needing maintenance in your car or truck’s steering and suspension system. But you will never have to worry about a misdiagnosis with our mechanics. We know how to properly diagnose all steering and suspension systems issues, especially issues involving the upper and lower ball joints. We can help prevent you from experiencing a ball joint malfunction on your way home to the office in the morning or during the final stretch of a weekend trip to the beach.

So what exactly is a ball joint anyway? An important part of your vehicle’s suspension system, a ball joint connects the front wheels to the front axle. Like your vehicle’s tie rods, a ball joint is also part of the steering knuckle, which controls the direction of the wheels. The ball joint combines a ball and socket design, and must stay lubricated in order to pivot smoothly and consistently. Your car or truck has upper and lower ball joints, and each set combines a ball and socket design. If your car or truck has a strut system, you usually only have two ball joints while a car or truck suspension system without a strut system will have four ball joints. Each ball joint is sealed and already contains the proper amount of lubrication. Sometimes upper and lower ball joints just require more lubrication. Other times, a ball joint will out and must be replaced with the exact size as indicated by manufacturer’s standards or as listed in your owner’s manual. Lost your owner’s manual? Don’t worry. Our facility contains cutting edge reference resources to help locate the exact size of ball joint for your car or truck.

Be sure to have your upper and inner ball joints inspected by a mechanic at any opportunity that places your car or truck on a lift in the air. If you ignore proper ball joint repairs and replacements, you risk experiencing a failure on the road, which will always result in a loss of control. Come see us in Calgary, AB  for a ball joint replacement.

We have been providing ball joint upper and inner replacements in Calgary, AB. for years. There are various determinants for how quickly your vehicle’s suspension system and accompanying components will degrade over time. If you want to learn more about the intervals between repairs for upper and lower ball joints, simply contact one of our knowledgeable mechanics or make an appointment for an inspection today.

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