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If you are driving in Calgary, AB. and you begin experiencing steering and handling issues…shock absorbers replace

The Car Salon, Tirecraft provides shock absorbers replacement services to Calgary, AB. In Calgary, there are many signs to be wary of concerning faulty shock absorbers and a needed replacement that will improve the overall performance of your car or truck.

Is your steering vibrating? Does your vehicle bounce more than usual while traversing uneven terrain? Does the nose of your vehicle dip down during breaking or slowing down? Is it taking a greater distance to get your vehicle to come to a complete stop? Is your maneuvering through turns not what it used to be? Are there signs of leakage under your tires? Are your tires wearing unevenly? These are all symptoms of shock absorbers on the outs. If you ignore any of these warning signs in Calgary,AB. you are risking more costly repairs down the road.

Shock absorbers take a bulk of the abuse from the road in Calgary, AB. The shock absorbers absorb the rebounding vibrations from the suspension springs, which both aid in control. A conventional suspension system is made up of shock absorbers, coils, control arms, shafts, rods, bushing, and joints. Today’s modern front-wheel drive cars and trucks have a strut suspension system that combines many isolated components of a conventional suspension system into one working unit.

The longer you ignore a shock absorber issue, the more you sacrifice braking performance and the more you risk you and your passengers’ safety while driving—not to mention crossing pedestrians and other vehicles on the road. It takes a worn shock absorber two meters more to stop than one performing at maximum efficiency. Each interval for shock absorber replacements will vary from vehicle to vehicle, but a rule of thumb for shock absorber replacement is every six years or between 65,000 and 70,000 km.

For a conventional suspension system, a shock absorber replacement and repair service in Calgary, AB. will include an inspection of the existing shock absorbers, a removal of the existing shock absorbers, and an installation of new shock absorbers. Each shock absorber maintenance service will begin and end with a test drive on the road. With the installation of new shock absorbers, you should experience an increase in fuel efficiency, safer maneuverability and control, an increase in driver and passenger comfort, and no more excess wear on your tires.

Your car or truck’s shock absorbers are charged with the responsibility of cushioning the blows from driving at all ranges of speeds through all types of terrain. Along with the rest of your car or truck’s suspension system, shock absorbers help maintain smooth and controlled rides by keeping all tires on the road. We realize the importance of affordable repairs and replacement services in Calgary, AB. We maintain good working relationships with many manufacturers and after market parts vendors to ensure that you get the right shock absorber for your car or truck at the right price. At our facility, our experienced mechanics do things right the first time to save you from unnecessary repairs down the road. Make an appointment with us for a shock absorber replacement today.

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