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In Calgary, AB. the first sign of a suspension issue can be noise. Suspension systems have…Struts, Replace

The Car Salon, Tirecraft provides strut replacement services to Calgary, AB. Every twist and turn in the road in Calgary, AB poses a challenge for your vehicle’s suspension system and accompanying struts. Our auto professionals recommend placing strut maintenance high up on your auto maintenance to-do list. As a rule of thumb, be sure to have your struts inspected by a certified mechanic every 30,000 to 50,000 miles. Struts absorb the stress of uneven terrain. Struts help cushion against the bumps and inconsistencies in long stretches of road. During a strut replacement service, our mechanics will replace the strut, strut cartridge, and spring and bearing plate. If one strut is worn, cracked, or leaking fluid, our mechanics will opt to replace all four struts during a strut replacement in order to ensure a consistently smooth ride at any speed.

Struts are important for keeping your car or truck’s tires on the road. Struts and accompanying components help push tires back into place every time one leaves the road. Worn struts will reduce your car or truck’s maneuverability while also wearing down the tread on your tires. Don’t let minor strut issues turn into bigger ones down the road.

There are many warning signs of struts tending toward failure. Leaking hydraulic oil pooling under your car or truck’s suspension system is a sure sign of strut trouble. Does your vehicle bounce more than usual while traversing uneven terrain? Does the nose of your vehicle dip down during breaking or slowing down? Is a complete stop taking longer to come to? Is your maneuvering through turns not what it used to be? Are your tires wearing unevenly? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, schedule a strut inspection and replacement service sooner rather than later with our certified mechanics in Calgary, AB. Our auto professionals aim to provide quick and accurate simple maintenance now to save you on more costly repairs down the road if a suspension issue is left unresolved.

In some cases, your car or truck’s struts may wear quicker than is normal or indicated in your owner’s manual. Your vehicle’s suspension system has been fitted with struts designed for the type of driving the manufacturer originally anticipated for that particular car or truck. If you feel like your struts are not cut out for the type of driving you are used to, then our mechanics in Calgary, AB. will replace your struts with a premium strut. Premium struts are designed to offer better handling and performance for off-road excursions and towing trips.

Suspension system issues will arise if regular maintenance is avoided. We understand your need for affordable parts and repairs, which is why we carry a wide selection of shocks and struts for your car or truck. We have been performing strut replacement services in Calgary, AB.  for years and one thing remains true over time: If your struts are not replaced as recommended by an auto professional, failure is just around the corner. Make an appointment today for a strut replacement with our certified mechanics in our quality service center.

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