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If most of your driving takes place on smooth pavement rather than rocky terrain in…4-Wheel Drive System Inspection

The Car Salon, Tirecraft division is the leading suspension inspection shop in Calgary, AB. You have treated your car or truck well enough that it still rides like a dream. One day, you are driving along through Calgary, AB. and you hear a pop. You continue along, relieved that one of your tires has not flattened out. But the next tiny bump in the road sends your vehicle bouncing up and down. Your vehicle rocks back and forth when you stop and it seems like the suspension on your vehicle has been damaged. While a rock in the road may have damaged your vehicle’s suspension system, it’s also possible that your suspension system was simply worn out.

At our facility in Calgary, AB. we pride ourselves on catching suspension issues during routine maintenance to save you on costly repairs down the road. Every routine suspension inspection begins with a test drive of the vehicle so our mechanics can test the vehicle bounce and sway while maneuvering through turns and around corners. During a thorough routine suspension inspection, our mechanics will inspect your car or truck’s shock absorbers and accompanying struts, CV joints, boots, and axle, rack and pinion units, ball joints, bushing, sway bars, tie rods, and wheel bearings.

A shock that is cracked or leaks is a potential suspension issue down the road. In fact, worn shocks are an early indicator of suspension trouble down the road. So if one shock is on its way out, our mechanics will aim to replace all four shock absorbers. Each vehicle has its own suspension system, but the basics are nearly the same. Shock absorbers and coil or leaf springs take a bulk of the abuse from the road. A conventional suspension system is made up of shock absorbers, coils, control arms, shafts, rods, bushing, and joints. Modern front-wheel drive cars and trucks have a strut suspension system that combines many isolated components of a conventional suspension system into one working unit.

A suspension failure in Calgary, AB. can lead to a serious accident. Our mechanics cannot stress enough the importance of routine suspension inspections. There are various determinants for how quickly your vehicle’s suspension system will grade over time. If you want to learn more about the intervals between repairs for various items on your vehicle’s suspension system, simply contact one of our knowledgeable mechanics.

Your car or truck’s suspension system is responsible for bearing the weight of your vehicle. If you begin noticing an unusually bumpier ride, then it may be time for a suspension inspection. We have been servicing all issues involving shock absorbers replacements, strut replacements, tie rod (outer and inner) replacements, sway link replacements, and ball joint (upper and lower) replacements in Calgary, AB. for years. Proper suspension maintenance ensures your car or truck’s tires remain on the road for a safe and smooth ride. Suspension inspections are about protecting the safety of yourself, your passengers, and the other drivers on the road. Call today to make an appointment for a suspension inspection so our certified mechanics can help you avoid a mid-trip suspension failure.

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