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Sway Link, Replace

Your car or truck’s suspension system combines sway bars, sway bar links, shocks, springs and…Sway Link, Replace

The Car Salon, Tirecraft division provides sway link replacement services to Calgary, AB.. If the smoothness and control-ability of your ride’s suspension system has been compromised, then come visit our knowledgeable auto professionals in Calgary, AB. for an inspection. In the event of an issue with your suspension system’s sway bar, you need an experienced mechanic to handle the repair and replacement.

The sway bar is also called an anti-roll bar for the way it reduces vehicle roll and sway while maneuvering through tight turns. As your car or truck drives around corners at any speed, the sway bar transfers the weight of the vehicle to the outside edge of the vehicle to keep all wheels rolling properly over the road. The sway bar is a tube of steel that connects the front and rear suspension systems. The sway bar is just another aspect of your suspension system that absorbs the harsh stress of the road while ensuring all wheels remain on the road in Calgary, AB.

Sway links are what keep the sway bar anchored in place within your vehicle’s suspension system. Each sway link is usually four to six inches in length, though the size will vary from vehicle to vehicle. The sway links are located on each end of the sway bar. When a sway link breaks or goes bad in Calgary, AB. there are a few things that may happen. For one, you will hear rattling noise underneath the wheel with the bad sway link. If the sway link is completely severed or broken, your car or truck will lean heavier to one side during a tight corner maneuver creating imbalance and discomfort to the occupants of the vehicle. When a sway link breaks, a bump or rocky inconsistency in the road will produce a knocking or clicking sound coming from under your vehicle’s suspension system.

A suspension inspection could reveal a loose sway link on your sway bar. A loose sway link means impending failure. Our trained mechanics will replace a loose sway link on the spot. Sway bar bushings also need to be inspected and replaced periodically in Calgary, AB. Loose sway bar bushings can case the sway links to become worn out or even break without warning.

The sway bar and accompanying sway links and bushings are an important part of your vehicle’s suspension system. Without these components working properly—along with shock absorbers, struts, tie rods, and ball joints—your car or truck’s stability on the road is in danger. Proper sway link maintenance will ensure that your car or truck’s sway bar provides the proper amount of anti-roll support during cornering. We provide sway link replacement services in Calgary, AB. to ensure that your sway bar never fails in the middle of a commute. Don’t wait for the first sign of trouble with your sway bar to seek out a sway link replacement. Call us today to make an appointment for a sway link replacement to keep your suspension system operating at maximum efficiency and stability.

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