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Tie Rod (Outer/Inner), Replace

In Calgary, AB. uneven tire wear can mean a number of issues plaguing your car or truck….Tie Rod

The Car Salon, Tirecraft division provides tie rod replacement services to Calgary, AB. You are driving to work in Calgary, AB when suddenly you hit a bump in the road. The steering wheel begins to pull to the right. You decide to visit a garage. You relay the symptoms to the mechanic who promptly realigns your wheels. You head back out on the road but the wheel still pulls and now you begin to hear a clicking sound coming from above the wheel well. Looks like you’ll have to make another appointment for a closer inspection.

At our facility in Calgary, AB. our mechanics save you time and trouble. With every routine inspection where your car or truck is lifted off the ground, our mechanics will check your tie rods for wear and tear. It’s an easy inspection. Since many models do not have specific intervals for repairs on tie rods, our mechanics prefer to check tie rod wear while your car is in the air. We want to prevent you from experiencing a tie rod malfunction in the middle of your morning commute or during a weekend trip to the beach.

So what exactly is a tie rod anyway? Modern vehicles today use a rack and pinion steering mechanism. A rack and pinion steering mechanism converts steering wheel motion into the motion needed to turn the wheels. Your car or truck’s tie rods are an integral part of rack and pinion steering. The inner tie rod extends from the steering rack and attaches to the outer tie rod ends, which connect to the steering knuckle. The steering knuckle is what controls the direction of your wheels. When your car or truck switches from front-wheel drive to four-wheel drive or from four-wheel drive to front-wheel drive, the tie rod ends are manipulated and adjusted accordingly. The specifications of your tie rod are so sensitive that even the slightest bump or inconsistency on the road in Calgary, AB. may knock the tie rod off balance.

There are a few symptoms of a bad tie rod that will alert you to possible trouble with your steering and suspension systems down the road. A car or truck with wheels out of alignment may have a bad tie rod. As the outer tie rod fails, the toe changes direction resulting in a car or truck with steering that pulls. A clicking or grinding noise under your front wheels may be a signal for a bad tie rod. The top two symptoms for a bad tie rod are tire wear and unresponsive steering. Uneven tread wear on tires and over-steering are two important warning signs for a tie rod on the outs in Calgary, AB.

We have been providing tie rod outer and inner replacements in Calgary, AB. for years. There are various determinants for how quickly your vehicle’s suspension system and accompanying components will degrade over time. If you want to learn more about the intervals between repairs for various items on your vehicle’s suspension system, simply contact one of our knowledgeable mechanics.

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