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It all starts with the right tire for the right vehicle. You have made a considerable investment in your car or truck. The powerful engine, satellite navigation, and super sounding stereo system don’t mean much if the proper tires are not installed on your car. Or maybe you’re driving that same car you have had for years. Advances in tire technology have been amazing. So much so, that the a great tire can go a long way to improve the performance of  your not-so-new car. Purchasing tires in today’s market place can seem overwhelming. Seemingly puzzling numbers on the side of tires can make buying tires frustrating.  You might have a lot of questions. When you come into our Rochester, Minnesota service center all your questions will be answered. Those numbers on the sides of your tires aren’t a secret code, they are actually full of all kinds of important information.

Our mechanics will take into consideration all kinds of variables in helping you decide what tires you need. Wet weather requirements, speed rating and ride quality are some of the determining factors in choosing the right tire. Once the right tires are on your car or truck it is important to maintain them and repair any tire damage immediately. Damaged and worn tires can be very dangerous, they affect your vehicle’s ability to brake while compromising overall control of the vehicle. When the tread on your tires is worn it is compromised and less protected from being punctured by sharp objects in the roadway. Punctured tires can lead to dangerous blowouts. Blowouts make it difficult to steer and can cause accidents. The deep treads of good tires grip the roadway through the water on a wet surface. When this gripping tread is worn away your car or truck can skate across the water. You know this as hydroplaning and it is very dangerous and can lead to collisions. Tires that leak from worn tread are not only dangerous but bad for fuel economy. Knowing how dangerous worn and damaged tires can be, and understanding the importance of tire repair, it makes sense to take steps to get the most out of your tires. Rotating your tires plays a big role in maintaining that all important tread. Tire rotation extends tire life and saves money. It is especially important for front wheel drive vehicles. Our Computerized wheel balancing is an important tool in tire maintenance.  It takes away tire bounce and gives you a smoother ride. After spending time and money on the right tires you want those tires balanced to minimize vibration. Well balanced tires improve traction and steering control. Even if you live in Calgary and only travel to Calgary, AB. and back home again it is of utmost importance that the right tires are on your vehicle and they are well maintained rotated and balanced.

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