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Rotate Tires isn’t the most exciting thing in the world. It might be the part of maintaining your…

The Car Salon Tirecraft division staffs the leading rotate tires mechanics in Calgary, AB..The tires on your car wear unevenly even when they are aligned and balanced properly. Front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and four wheel drive vehicles produce different wear patterns. The position of the tire on the vehicle influences the wear amounts and patterns. The weight of the vehicle is not evenly distributed among the tires. Each tire carries a different amount of weight. The way you drive and where you drive also play a significant role in tire wear.Tires are rotated to compensate for these factors, and to “even out” wear and tear among the tires.Different vehicles require different rotation patterns. Front wheel drive and rear wheel drive vehicles will often use a different rotation pattern. Additionally, a rotation pattern must take into consideration whether or not a vehicle’s tires are directional or non-directional. Directional tires are designed to work best when rotating in one direction. Non-directional tires are designed to work well irrespective of the tire’s rotational direction. Types of spare tires vary by manufacturer and model, and often a spare tire can and should, be involved in the tire rotation. However, if your vehicle only has a small tire labeled “ temporary use”, it clearly should not be part of the mix. These temporary tires have a much lower threshold for wear and can only be used safely at lower speeds.  Our rotate tires service involves a comprehensive inspection.

When you come to our Calgary, AB. location your tires are removed from the vehicle and inspected for any unusual wear and tear. They are then placed in the new positions according to the manufacturers recommendations. Finally, the newly rotated tires are torqued to the proper value, and adjusted to the proper tire pressure because front and rear tires often require different inflation pressures. This simple step  is important in getting the most mileage out of your tires. The factory specifications will recommend when to rotate your tires as part of your routine vehicle maintenance.  Some manufacturers may require specific tire rotation criteria in order for their warranties to be valid. If a mechanical issue is to blame for unusual wear and tear, tire rotation won’t fix the problem. However, it can preserve the tread on your tires and aid in establishing from where the problem is originating. It is important to check your tires and wheels for signs of possible damage. If you notice any unusual wear , you should not hesitate to make an appointment at our Calgary, AB. location. Our mechanics are there to help you preserve the life of your tires, and to help you learn about the benefits of good tire maintenance. Save wear on your tires and  maximize tire mileage, call or schedule an appointment to have your tires rotated.

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