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Tire Purchase and Installation

Our facility in Calgary, AB. offers a wide selection of name brand tires for…tires

The Car Salon, Tirecraft division staffs the leading tire purchase and installation technicians in Calgary, AB. Are you in the market for a new set of tires? Not able to locate your owner’s manual to locate the original size and style of your car or truck’s tires? Don’t bother conducting the research alone. Our auto professionals in Calgary, AB. are trained to help you locate the best set of tires for your driving needs.

When you come into our location in Calgary, AB.  for a tire purchase and installation, our auto professionals will start by determining the correct size and style of tire originally on your car or truck. We’ll want to know whether or not you have a long commute to work, since you might prefer a more durable and fuel efficient set of tires. We’ll also want to know about your vehicle’s typical travel terrain. The information gathered by our auto professionals will help ensure that your car or truck leaves outfitted with tires that are not only the correct size, but possess the proper speed rating and load carrying capacity. With our tire purchase and installation service, you can be sure our auto professionals will conduct a thorough investigation of your driving needs to guarantee the best possible set of tires for your car or truck.

We carry a wide selection of brands, sizes, and styles of tires for most models of cars or trucks. Our auto professionals will help narrow down the right tire for your car or truck between broad market passenger tires, performance and touring tires, high performance tires, or light truck tires. With our cutting edge ordering system and good standing reputation with many manufacturers, we can special order any tires not available in our current selection. We’ll even offer you package deals containing four tires, wheels, and rims. As a customer oriented auto facility in Calgary, AB. we believe that the more you buy from us, the more you deserve to save. After a tire purchase at our facility, we’ll even dispose of your old tires.

Purchasing new tires can be an expensive endeavor, so our auto professionals are careful to take the correct maintenance procedures during our tire installations services. Tire installation services at our facility in Calgary, AB.  will also include mounting, balancing, and alignment procedures so your car or truck gets back on the road under optimum operating conditions in order to achieve the smoothest ride possible.

Before embarking on this expensive investment, come in to talk with one of our auto professionals. Serving all your tire purchase and installation needs in Calgary, AB.  we’ll strive to be your primary resource for all tire related inquires. Come in for a tire purchase and installation service or to make an appointment to speak with a mechanic today.

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