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If you’re cruising through Calgary, AB and you hear a sudden pop, you may have a flat tire.

The Car Salon Tire & Auto Center staffs the best tire repair mechanics in Calgary, AB. It’s just another regular workday in Calgary, AB, and you’re ready to head out on that morning commute. You back your vehicle out of the driveway. A sudden pop from the rear of the vehicle startles you. When you open the door you discover the tire is flattening out. Now you’re late for work and have a flat tire to change. But don’t trash that tire! Bring it in to one of our mechanics for a tire repair that will add miles back on to the life of your tire.

At our Calgary Tire Repair facility in Calgary, AB, a tire repair service will entail removal of the tire from the wheel and an inspection of the tire inside and out. Our mechanics will repair the tire liner to ensure the seal is solid and airtight. We’ll mount and balance the tire and ensure your car or truck is carrying a suitable spare in preparation of your next unseen emergency. Before you leave, we’ll make sure you know what a repairable tire looks like for next time.

Having second thoughts already about the tire repair procedure? Worried about how the tire repair procedure will hold up on your tire? Rest assured our mechanics adhere to strict safety regulations to ensure the tire repair is done right. The methods used by our mechanics comply with the Rubber Manufacturer’s Association (RMA). The RMA says that a flat tire can be repaired if the puncture is ¼ inch or smaller and if the puncture is located on the thread of a tire. They recommend that the tire repair procedure involve a plug and a patch on the lining of the tire. A plug and a patch can add thousands of miles more to a tire you previously deemed as busted and ready for the trash heap. If the tire cannot be repaired, our auto professionals will make you aware. We’ll never attempt a tire repair on a tire with a puncture hole larger than ¼ inch. We’re here to cure headaches, not create or add to them.

In Calgary there’s always the chance that a busted tire brought in for repair might not be repairable. In this case, our auto professionals will take the lead in the search for a new or used tire from our in-house selection. If a used tire will suit your needs and price range, then our mechanics will find the right used tire in Calgary with matching thread wear.

Servicing all tire repairs in Calgary, AB, we aim to be your primary resource for all of your tire related needs. We carry a wide selection of brands, sizes, and styles of tires for most models of cars or trucks. With our cutting edge ordering system and good standing reputation with many manufacturers, we can special order anything not available in our current selection.

So don’t let a flat tire get you down. In most cases, the tire can be repaired, and we are all about saving you time and money. Make an appointment with us today for a tire repair or stop in with that busted tire for a quick inspection.

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