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Automatic Transmission Service

Automatic Transmission Service

Automatic transmissions can be a problem to troubleshoot if you have limited experience with…

The Car Salon Tire & Auto is the leading automatic transmission service  shop in Calgary, AB. Your car or truck’s automatic transmission routes power from the engine to the drive wheels while shifting automatically. So you can efficiently regulate power and speed while cruising along the highway through Calgary, AB. Whether you have an automatic or manual transmission, our mechanics are familiar with the ins and outs of transmissions in early and late models of cars and trucks.

Automatic transmissions can be a bit more difficult to diagnose than a manual transmission. Even on modern car or truck models in Calgary, AB, computer fault codes may point to multiple diagnostic codes for automatic transmission issues. You need experienced mechanics who can get to the bottom of the problem plaguing your automatic transmission the first time without spending money on needless repairs. Depending on the issue found with your car or truck’s automatic transmission service.  Our mechanics may perform either an automatic transmission fluid drain and fill or a filter replacement.  Though only if the trouble with your automatic transmission is minor. In extreme cases where an automatic transmission needs to be replaced. Our mechanics will discuss the possibility of either rebuilding the damaged components of the transmission, or purchasing and installing a new automatic transmission.

Your transmission fluid helps with lubrication and cooling down the increased temperatures resulting from the combustion process. The transmission fluid also helps clean the internal gears and components of the transmission. The transmission fluid naturally degrades over time, picking up dirt and leftover debris from inside your transmission. This dirty fluid needs to be replaced with the proper level of new fluid. Other automatic transmission issues may point to a problem with your transmission filter, which helps in removing dirt, debris and other contaminants from the fluid in your car or truck’s automatic transmission. Our mechanics will change out the old, worn filter and replace it with a new filter for your automatic transmission.

If you smell burning coming from your car or truck’s transmission while driving through Calgary, AB, there may be a problem with your transmission’s ability to retain fluid. During a re-sealing service involving your car or truck’s transmission, our mechanics will remove the faulty transmission and check each seal for retention issues. Once the seals are plugged up and retention is guaranteed, our mechanics will reinstall the automatic transmission and refill the transmission with clean transmission fluid while making other adjustments as necessary. As with most services at our facility in Calgary, AB, each automatic transmission service will begin and end with a road test to ensure that the service performed has corrected the original issue plaguing your car or truck’s automatic transmission.

Our facility is equipped with cutting edge technology to properly scan and diagnose all issues concerning your automatic transmission. We service all automatic transmission refills, reseals, rebuilds, and replacements in Calgary, AB. When you are shopping around for a trusted team of auto professionals who can handle all aspects of automatic transmissions, look no further than our certified technicians. Make an appointment today for an automatic transmission service so our mechanics can quickly locate the troublesome component of your transmission and send you back out on the road.

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