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Clutch Check and Adjustment Manual

In Calgary AB, some models of cars and trucks with manual transmissions have clutches that…Clutch Check and Adjustment Manual

The Car salon Tire & Auto Center provides manual clutch check and adjustments to, if your car or truck has a manual transmission, then routine maintenance is crucial for your transmission and its accompanying components. Any failure on the road with a manual transmission may result in a loss of control, which is dangerous in any scenario.

An important aspect of any manual transmission maintenance in Calgary, AB is a clutch check and adjustment, a procedure that can be executed quickly by our trained mechanics. Neglecting simple clutch check and adjustment maintenance will put yourself, your passengers, and other drivers on the road at risk if you happen to lose control due to a faulty clutch mechanism.

Some basics: The clutch engages your engine to your transmission. It transmits torque from the engine to the transmission. A release mechanism allows you to control the torque between the engine and the transmission. The reaction between the engine and transmission should begin as soon as you press down on the clutch pedal. Usually, a clutch check and adjustment service is necessary if the clutch pedal travels between two and three inches before anything happens between your engine and transmission.

During a clutch check and adjustment at our facility in Calgary, AB, the first thing a mechanic will determine is whether or not the clutch on your car or truck is a hydraulic clutch or a cable driven clutch. Hydraulic clutches utilize brake fluid in order to operate the clutch. Most clutch check and adjustments concerning a hydraulic clutch involve examining, draining, and re-filling brake fluid. In a clutch check and adjustment involving a cable driven clutch, our mechanics will check the stop-nut on the clutch arm, which attaches to the pedal of your car or truck. From there, our mechanics will make the necessary adjustments on the nuts and bearings in your car or truck’s clutch mechanism for a clutch without much play.

The clutch on your manual transmission can last between four and seven years, depending on your driving habits and typical driving terrain. Instances that may alert you to a required clutch check and adjustment will be if you need to downshift more frequently when driving up hills in Calgary, AB. You might be receiving poorer than usual gas mileage. Is your engine revving when you accelerate or begin inching forward from a stop? There may be too much play in pressing down your clutch, or the clutch may feel too stiff. If you experience any of these symptoms of a faulty clutch mechanism, then a clutch check and adjustment should be the next scheduled maintenance you make with our team of auto professionals. But keep in mind that these same symptoms may be an early sign of a clutch requiring a replacement. Either way, our mechanics will determine the accurate point of action after a clutch check and adjustment service.

We service all manual transmissions and perform clutch check and adjustment services in Calgary, AB. Don’t be misled by mechanics eager to replace a clutch mechanism on your car or truck. Our team of mechanics has built their reputation on being reliable and trustworthy. Make an appointment with us today for a quick clutch check and adjustment service.

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