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Clutch Replacement, Manual

clutch replacementAre you unable to depress the clutch of your car or truck’s manual transmission? Even if this is…

The Car Salon Tire & Auto provides manual clutch replacement services to Calgary, AB. Clutch maintenance is crucial for cars and trucks in Calgary, AB with manual transmissions. The clutch transmits torque from the engine to the transmission. A release mechanism allows you to control the torque between the engine and the transmission. The reaction between the engine and transmission should begin as soon as you press down on the clutch pedal. Each time you press down on the clutch, the clutch plates inside separate and enable gears to be changed. Over time this repetitive action can wear down the clutch and accompanying bearings and gears. If this reaction does not take place immediately upon depressing the clutch, then you may be due for a clutch maintenance service. If you neglect routine maintenance or if you are not aware of the warning signs for fault clutches, then you are risking a loss of control out on the road.

First, the warning signs of impending clutch failure: Do you downshift more frequently while driving uphill in Calgary, AB? Are you receiving poorer than usual gas mileage? Does your engine rev while accelerating or inching forward out of a complete stop? Is there too much play when you press down your clutch—or is there no play at all? If you have a hydraulic clutch, a loss of fluid is a sure sign of something wrong. Grinding while shifting into gears is also a sure sign of impending clutch failure. All of these symptoms are early signs of a car or truck needing a clutch replacement service. While the clutch on manual transmissions can typically last between four and seven years, your driving habits and driving terrain can wear down the clutch on your manual transmission when you might not be expecting your clutch to fail.

During all clutch replacement services at our facility in Calgary, AB, our mechanics will replace all components of the clutch mechanism, which includes the pressure plate, clutch disk, throw-out bearing and/or any worn and damaged hydraulic components. Our mechanics will also remove the flywheel for resurfacing to ensure smooth clutch engagement. Of course, a clutch replacement can be avoided with routine maintenance performed by a trained mechanic. Addressing clutch issues early will help prevent a full clutch replacement and any potential loss of control while cruising along the highway. Each clutch repair—major or minor—begins with a full diagnosis of your car or truck’s clutch.

Don’t ignore grinding noises, or, especially, the smell of smoke while switching between gears on your car or truck’s manual transmission. Our experienced team of auto professionals has been servicing all manual transmission clutch replacements in Calgary, AB for years. Don’t put your safety at risk in a vehicle without a fully operational clutch mechanism. At our facility in Calgary, AB, we value and ensure the safety of our customers with thorough replacement services so you don’t have to worry about a clutch issue for another four to seven years. Schedule a clutch replacement service or a routine clutch check today so our mechanics can send you back out on the road headed safely toward your destination.

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