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transmission replacement

When your automatic or manual transmission bites the dust, then you can trust our team of auto…

The Car Salon, Tirecraft dvision is the leading transmission replacement shop in Calgary, AB. Whether your car or truck has an automatic or manual transmission, the responsibility of the transmission replacement is the same: convert the internal combustion process of the engine into power routed to the drive wheels. The transmission switches between gears while you regulate the overall speed of your car or truck. Inconsistencies or irregularities within this process while driving through Calgary, AB can point to impending transmission failure that will either be solved by repairing internal components or with a full transmission replacement.

You should be fully aware of any irregular sounds coming from your automatic or manual transmission at all times. Grinding and crunching sounds can flag problems with the internal gears of the transmission. Even if your transmission is in neutral, noise is a sure sign of transmission problems. This may be a warning sign for replacing the internal components of your transmission like bearings or gear teeth. Whether your car or truck has a manual or automatic transmission, slipping out of gear is another sign of transmission trouble. Losing control while driving can be a danger to everyone on the road, so don’t let a transmission that slips out of gear persist longer than your current trip. In any of these cases, call our mechanics in Calgary, AB. to schedule a transmission replacement or inspection service immediately. For automatic transmissions, unsteady shimmying and shifting in the ride of your vehicle is a clear indicator of transmission trouble. If your car or truck refuses to respond or shift into gear in Calgary,AB. this is also a sure sign of transmission trouble. Hesitation while shifting in automatic or manual transmissions can point to a transmission repair or replacement in your near future.

In Calgary, AB. there are other symptoms that can point to an impending transmission replacement for your car or truck. If your car or truck has a manual transmission and your transmission refuses to go into gear once you depress the clutch and move the stick shift, call our facility immediately for a transmission inspection service. If you smell burning coming from your air vents, this is a sign that your transmission is on its way to overheating. The transmission fluid aids in the cooling process within your transmission while also lubricating the internal components of the transmission. If your transmission fluid is low, the problem may either be a leak or dirty transmission fluid. This same symptom, however, may point to a larger issue with your automatic or manual transmission. At our facility, our mechanics will treat every transmission issue as if it will be its last.

We have been servicing automatic and manual transmissions in Calgary, AB. for years and one thing remains the same: If drivers stay ahead of transmission maintenance for their cars and trucks, a transmission replacement can be avoided. If you experience any of the above warning signs for transmission trouble, then make an appointment with us today for a transmission inspection service to keep your automatic or manual transmission operating at maximum efficiency. Little repairs over time will rarely add up to the price of a full transmission replacement and service, so make an appointment today so our mechanics can help you stay ahead of transmission issues that might point to impending failure.

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