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Transmission Service ManualManual transmission trouble often begins with a rattling or clicking noise, which may point to…

The Car Salon Tire & Auto is the leading manual transmission shop in Calgary, AB. Whether your car or truck uses an automatic or a manual transmission, the responsibility of the transmission is always the same. Route power from the engine to drive wheels. The difference between automatic and manual transmissions is that an automatic transmission switches between gears. So you can focus on regulating the power and speed. While with a manual transmission the driver regulates power and speed while shifting between gears. In Calgary, AB, our mechanics possess the knowledge and years of experience to ensure that all manual transmissions diagnostics are thorough whiles repairs are performed quickly and accurately.

If you are driving through Calgary, AB and begin to hear noises coming from your manual transmission. There may be a problem with the pressure plate or clutch plate, transmission bearings, drive gears, clutch mechanism, or flywheel. The clutch mechanism is what allows you to shift through different gears. The flywheel connects to the engine while a clutch plate or pressure plate connects to the transmission. Our mechanics will inspect the clutch mechanism for slippage and linkage problems. In some cases, the transmissions gears wear down over time and the clutch cannot catch into a desired gear. If you adjust the clutch again and you are still unable to slide into gear. There may be a problem with the clutch itself, the pressure plate, or important bearings. If a manual transmission diagnostic reveals that your clutch needs to be replaced, our mechanics can do that too. A clutch on a car or truck should last between 50,000 to 100,000, though this will vary with each driver and each model or car or truck.

At times the temperatures inside your manual transmission can become so hot. The extreme temperatures break down important chemicals within your transmission fluid. Your transmission fluid helps with cooling down the transmission as it heats up during the combustion process, though the fluid also helps with lubrication. The transmission fluid helps clean the internal gears, bearings and other components inside your transmission. This transmission fluid will naturally degrade over time as it picks up dirt and other leftover debris from inside your transmission. This dirty fluid needs to be replaced with the proper level of new fluid. Other manual transmission issues may point to a problem with your transmission filter, which helps in removing dirt, debris and other contaminants from the fluid in your car or truck’s manual transmission. In Calgary, AB, our mechanics will change out the old, worn filter and replace it with a new filter for your manual transmission.

Not every noise coming from under your hood is a sign of transmission trouble. But rest assured, before our mechanics begin replacing anything on your manual transmission, each service begins with a test drive and a visual inspection of the transmission. At our facility, our mechanics service everything concerning manual transmissions—fluid refills, transmission reseals, transmission rebuilds, clutch replacements, and transmission replacements in Calgary, AB. If you value a quick and accurate manual transmission repair service, then make an appointment with our trusted team of auto professionals today

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