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If the road ahead is smooth pavement and your steering wheel handles as if… Alignment , Four Wheel, Alignment Two Wheel The Car Salon, Tirecraft division staffs the leading wheel alignment technicians in Calgary,AB. You’re driving through Calgary,AB, hitting highway speeds, and suddenly a pothole opens up in the middle of the road, knocking your car or truck’s wheels out of alignment. Suddenly, you are at the mercy of steady vibrations in the steering wheel. Now, you’re worried about keeping pace with the traffic in front of you, and you have a wheel alignment on your mind. Wheel alignment consists of an adjustment of the angle in your vehicle’s front and rear-wheels so that all wheels remain perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. Necessary wheel alignment adjustments will help improve tire life. Our wheel alignment service in Calgary, AB will begin and end with a test drive. Our mechanics will check for tire wear patterns before performing a wheel alignment. During a wheel alignment service, our mechanics will check the three basic angles of alignment: camber, caster, and toe. Camber is the angle of the wheel when viewed from the front of your vehicle. Usually, this offers a view on whether or not the wear in the tire’s thread is uneven from either side of the tire. If the tire’s thread is uneven, this may cause a pulling problem in the ride of your vehicle. Caster is the angle of your wheel’s pivot, which is attached to the suspension. This may become unaligned, causing problems in straight-line tracking. Toe is the difference in distance between the front of a single tire and the back of that tire. Each tire—front or wheel rear—should always be perpendicular to the ground and parallel to the tire beside it. While these are simply the angles that can begin to cause you trouble when out of alignment, there are other circumstances to wheel alignment that could affect your car or truck. If your head is already spinning from all the details of a wheel alignment, then don’t worry. Our mechanics will start with a test drive on your vehicle and discuss with you whether or not a two or four wheel alignment is right for your car or truck. Often, the safest route to take with wheel alignment is to have all four tires checked and adjusted. But this is a discussion that you should have with one of our mechanics when the time is right. In the end, the decision comes down to money, but proper front and rear wheel alignment will actually help extend the life of your tires and save you money in the long run. Our staff looks forward to offering you the best and most affordable wheel alignment adjustment for your vehicle in Calgary, AB, . Our wheel alignment facility in Calgary , AB is equipped with the specialized tools required for speedy and accurate wheel alignment adjustments on your car or truck. Why leave this kind of work in the hands of an amateur? Don’t waste another mile on unsteady tires. At the first sign of trouble, schedule an appointment or contact us for a quote on adjusting your vehicle’s wheel alignment.

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