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At some point in the life of your car or truck, you may need to purchase new wheels. At our…

Wheel Purchase & Installation

The Car Salon, Tire craft division is the leading wheels service center in  Calgary, AB, . If you’re in the market for new wheels and rims, because of recent driving damage or simply because you want a truer ride in your car or truck, visit us at our location in  Calgary, AB for insight into our wheels and rims service options.

There are many reasons to shop for new wheels or rims for your car or truck. You might be looking to increase steering response. You may be looking to improve the handling of your vehicle. You may simply be looking to improve the look of your car or truck. Regardless of the reason, you need an experienced mechanic in  Calgary, AB who knows the ins and outs of wheel and rim fitment. Don’t bother learning the difference between offsets. Don’t worry about high or low bolt patterns. Our mechanics will take you through the fitment process step-by-step to ensure the right wheels or rims are ordered and you leave completely satisfied. Our mechanics will even explain the benefit of “inching up” and how it might improve the maneuverability of your car or truck.

We carry a wide selection of brands, sizes, styles of wheels and rims for most models of cars or trucks. We carry brand new wheels and rims as well as discounted ones at rock bottom prices. We carry chrome rims, custom rims, car rims, truck rims, and spinner rims too! With our cutting edge ordering system and good standing reputation with many manufacturers, we can special order anything not available in our current selection.

We offer wheel and rim closeouts and seasonal specials. We’ll even offer you package deals containing four tires, wheels, and rims. We believe the more you buy from us in  Calgary,AB, the more you deserve to save. If up front payment is a concern, then talk to one of our auto sales professionals to learn more about our financing program for wheels and rims.

Purchasing new wheels or rims can be an expensive endeavor. Its one we pride ourselves on getting right the first time, which is why it’s important to bring your car or truck into our facility in  Calgary, AB for an inspection and fitment assessment. If you’re looking to purchase wheels and install them yourself, our staff will make sure you leave with the proper lugs and locking nuts for convenient mounting and assembly. Otherwise, all mounting and balancing will be done on our premises by a dedicated and detail-oriented team of auto professionals. If time is of the essence, then we’ll be sure to steer you toward a set of wheels or rims in stock in order to guarantee same-day service.

Come check out our facility and consult with one of our sales professionals. We look forward to servicing all of your wheel and rims needs in  Calgary,AB, . If you’re looking for a hassle free buying experience of affordable wheels and rims, then stop in to our location in  Calgary, AB for a purchase, installation, or inspection. We look forward to taking the wheel on your next wheels or rims purchase for your car or truck.

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Wheel Purchase & Installation

A properly mounted and balanced wheel and rim auto installation is important for the life of your...