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Wheel Purchase & Installation

A properly mounted and balanced wheel and rim auto installation is important for the life of your…wheels


The Car Salon, Tirecraft division is the leader in wheel purchase and installations for Calgary, AB. As the years and mileage on your car or truck add up, the road will take its toll on your wheels and rims. In Calgary, AB, sometimes you just want to dress your tires up in new chrome. We understand the need to accessorize your vehicle, which is why we carry a wide selection of brands, sizes, and styles in wheels and rims for most models of cars or trucks. Our selection of wheels and rims come in many sizes. We carry brand new wheels and rims as well as a selection of wheels and rims at rock bottom prices. We’re all about providing options, which is why we carry chrome rims, custom rims, car rims, truck rims, and spinner rims too! With our cutting edge ordering system and good standing reputation with many manufacturers, we can special order anything you might be looking for in Calgary, AB.

The first step in wheel and rim installation is matching the bolt pattern to your car or truck. Our mechanics will talk to you about the advantages and disadvantages of high and low bolt patterns and switching to another offset if you’re interested in a smoother ride with easier maneuverability. Regardless of your preference, you should sit down with an experienced auto professional at our location in Calgary, AB to discuss the right options for your car or truck. Purchasing new wheels or rims can be an expensive endeavor. Wheel and rim installation is a service we pride ourselves on getting right the first time, which is why it’s important to bring your car or truck in for an inspection and fitment assessment before purchasing a new set of wheels or rims.

Consult with one of our sales professionals today concerning a wheel and rim purchase and on-the-spot installation. We offer special installation packages which consist of installing and mounting a set of newly purchased wheels and rims. Our experienced mechanics will also balance your new wheels to ensure that they are rotating true. Sometimes, to diminish any wobbling, small weights can be added to the wheel for a more balanced, smoother ride.

We offer wheel and rim closeouts and seasonal specials. We’ll even offer you package deals containing four tires, wheels, and rims. We believe the more you buy from us in Calgary, AB, the more you deserve to save.

When it comes time to purchase new wheels and rims, consider the rest, but don’t pass up a trip into our facility. We’re happy to provide wheels and rims purchase and installation services for customers in Calgary, AB, where we have been fitting and installing new wheels and rims for years. If you’re looking for a hassle free shopping experience for affordable new wheels and rims, then look no further than our location in Calgary, AB. Don’t wait. Stop in for a wheels and rims purchase and installation today.

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