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Coventry Wheels

Jaguar wheels, engineered exclusively for Jaguar motor cars.  That’s what Coventry Wheels for Jaguar is all about. The Jaguar is a very special motor car and requires a very special custom wheel fitment that has been correctly engineered for the Jaguar.  Jaguar motor cars are notoriously hard to fit wheels on.  That’s why Coventry was created, to make the proper wheel fitment for Jaguar motor cars.  Hub centric Jaguar wheels with the proper Jaguar offset and bolt pattern.

Coventry Wheels are also styled specifically for Jaguar vehicles including the S-Type Jaguar, X- Type Jaguar, Jaguar XK and Jaguar XJ. Jaguar vehicles evoke a very special aesthetic and your Jaguar wheels should blend with that aesthetic. Coventry Wheels are designed accordingly and are offered in Hyper Silver, Gloss Black, and Chrome. When it comes to sizes, Coventry offers 17 inch Jaguar wheels, 18 inch Jaguar  wheels, 19 inch Jaguar wheels and 20 inch Jaguar wheels.

Coventry Wheels – Designed exclusively to fit Jaguar Motor Cars

Coventry Wheels was created with the sole purpose of making bespoke aftermarket Jaguar wheels. Jaguar cars require a very specific wheel and Coventry has mastered the art of the Jaguar wheel. All our wheels are created to be hub centric on Jaguar cars and are engineered to fit perfectly on your Jaguar. Coventry Wheels work with the original Jaguar bolts and caps and are designed with the perfect offset for you Jaguar car. The wheels are made to extremely strict quality standards to ensure a luxurious ride for you and your Jaguar.

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