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Lumarai Wheels

Legend has it that when  Toyota created the Lexus brand they sent a group of executives to live in Laguna Beach, CA to immerse themselves in the California lifestyle and get an understanding of what the potential Lexus buyer might desire.  So Lumarai  Wheels chose a designer who lived in Laguna Beach, CA to design  the first Lumarai wheel. We even called the wheel the Morro, after  El Morro Beach, the first beach you see when driving south on Pacific Coast Highway  and enter the town of Laguna Beach

Besides the  fact that it’s fun designing wheels, why did the founders of Lumarai create an entire wheel brand just for Lexus? There are several very good  technical reasons why Lexus requires a wheel made to fit only Lexus  vehicles:

  • Lexus wheels use flat seat  nuts. Nearly every  aftermarket wheel in the world uses 60  degree taper nuts. Lumarai wheels use flat seat nuts.
  • Lexus cars require hub-centric wheels. Not all aftermarket wheels are hub-centric on Lexus. All  Lumarai wheels are made hub centric for Lexus.
  • Lexus wheels use air sensors. The Lumarai wheels are designed around the Lexus air sensor to ensure that OE Lexus air sensors will work on Lumarai wheels.
  • Many Lexus owners like to put the OE Lexus emblem on their wheels.  Lumarai wheels accept the OE Lexus wheel emblem.

So that’s  how Lumarai wheels came about, born out of the desire to upgrade Lexus wheels  and the need to do it correctly.

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