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Range Rover wheels, engineered exclusively for Range Rover vehicles. That’s what Redbourne wheels is all about. The Range Rover is not your regular vehicle and requires a very special custom wheel that has been correctly engineered to carry the load that a Range Rover can inflict.

Redbourne wheels are also styled specifically for Range Rover vehicles including the LR3. Range Rover vehicles evoke a very special aesthetic and your Range Rover wheels should blend with that aesthetic. Redbourne wheels are designed accordingly and are offered in Silver, Hyper Black, Gunmetal, White and Chrome. When it comes to sizes, Redbourne offers 18 inch Range Rover wheels through 22 inch Range Rover wheels.

Redbourne Wheels – where adventure meets elegance. At Redbourne we set out to design and build wheels to fit your Land Rover that capture the ruggedness of Land Rover while exuding the luxury with which each vehicle was designed.

Redbourne does not make OE Land Rover Wheels. We make aftermarket Land Rover Wheels that make you want to take off your OE wheels. Each of our Redbourne wheels is designed, tested and built with the correct load rating capable of holding the heavy duty Land Rover chassis. When we say Land Rover Wheels, we mean that all Redbourne wheels are engineered and built to be hub centric for your Land Rover. Our wheels have been engineered to provide you a smooth enjoyable ride. Each of our wheels was designed to accept the Land Rover OE tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and the OE Land Rover nuts. Even the center cap has been engineered to accept the OE Land Rover cap. So if you are looking for aftermarket wheels to fit your vehicle including Land Rover Wheels, Range Rover wheels, Range Rover Sport wheels, LR3 wheels or LR4 wheels, look no further than Redbourne. Look to Redbourne for all your Land Rover wheel needs.

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