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Bug Deflector

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A bug deflector, or bug shield, is an automotive accessory used on trucks and sports utility vehicles (SUVs) to keep insects and debris from striking the windshield. Wing-like in design, it slips on to the leading edge of the hood and is aero dynamically designed with a rising ridge that creates a slipstream effect, carrying bugs and dust over the top of the vehicle. In addition to guarding the windshield, a bug deflector also protects the hood from pitting due to flying pebbles, tar and other road debris.

You might wonder why bug deflectors aren’t made for all vehicles. The answer is that most cars are aerodynamically designed with sloping windshields and convex, down-turning hoods that minimize wind resistance and boost fuel economy. These design features allow wind to stream up and over the car.
Truck and SUV design is not primarily geared towards being sleek, but towards utility. The body design lends itself to priorities like visibility and cab room. Windshields tend to be closer to vertical and high-profile hoods, less convex. The sharper angle between windshield and hood combined with the higher profile of the SUV and truck make them ideal for catching windshield bugs, flying pebbles and road dirt. The bug deflector helps mitigate this by creating a wind stream that directs debris over the vehicle.
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