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Open Country WLT1 LT225/75R16 39.021774

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Product Description

Winter Light Truck

The Open Country WLT1 provides all-season handling and extended tread life for a wide range of passenger cars and minivans. A comfortable ride adds to the value of this Toyo tire.

Toyos light truck winter tire, the Open Country WLT1 has been engineered to deliver optimal performance for a variety of commercial vehicles or heavy use applications during our demanding Canadian winters.
The load carrying requirements for commercial vehicles or while carrying heavy loads are different than the average light truck. Toyo Tires has addressed these needs by developing a winter light truck tire that can carry the heavy loads and get through those tough winter conditions.
The design and profile of the Open Country WLT1 delivers improved ice and snow traction along with longer wear life.

Part No: 39.021774
Tire Size: LT225/75R16
Speed: 299
Load: 173300
UTQG Rating: TL
Sidewall: 17.7
Warranty: 10-E

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