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Running Boards

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Product Description

A running board is a vehicle accessory part that is located beneath the doors on the side of a vehicle, extending from the front wheel well to the back wheel well, and can be used as a step by a person who is getting into or out of the vehicle. Running boards, which typically are made of chrome or fiberglass, are fashionable as well as practical. Many vintage cars feature running boards for their looks, even though they might not be needed as steps. Trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUVs) and full-size vans, however, often feature running boards that are intended to be used as steps yet also add to the vehicles’ visual appeal. Sometimes called a footboard, a running board can be a factory feature or can be a custom feature added later.

History of Running Boards

Early model cars typically featured running boards on both sides of the vehicles. Vintage cars sat higher off the ground than modern cars, so the running board was necessary to provide sure footing for entrance. Later models of cars that sat lower to the ground no longer needed running boards, but some models had them for aesthetic reasons.

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