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Tonneau Cover

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Automatically secures when latched at the rear. Locks with locking tailgate. Cover is less than 1″ high from the bed of the truck. Stake pockets not covered.

Tonneau covers (pronounced ta’-no) are used to cap the beds of pickup trucks providing a rigid lid that can be locked into place. They are handy for securing¬†cargo and for keeping the bed free of leaves, weather-wear and debris.

Tonneau covers come in a variety of styles and price ranges. Many install without drilling by using clamp-on systems allowing for easy removal. Simple models provide basic security and protect the bed, but are less flexible in design. To gain wide access to the bed, the cover might need to be removed.
Other tonneau covers are designed to be raised from the back, much like an engine hood. This allows greater access to the bed and also the ability to carry longer cargo over a closed tailgate. Four-way tonneau covers are made so that the back, front or either side of the cover can be raised, allowing more convenience. There are also two and four-panel covers that are sectional rather than solid for a different type of accessibility.
Most tonneau covers are weather-resistant, extending the life of the bed of the truck by helping to prevent rust. In an unprotected bed, water can accumulate under non-spray liners, leading to body rot. By sealing the bed off from the elements, the body of the truck benefits too. Pickups might also show improved gas mileage from reduced aerodynamic drag.

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