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Vent Shades

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Product Description

Vent Visors, also sometimes referred to as side window deflectors, rain guards and wind deflectors; are a great way to give your vehicle an upgrade without a large amount of financial investment.


Most often rain guards are used to deflect moisture while your vehicle’s window is cracked open slightly.  It can keep out rain, sleet, snow and other drops that fall from the sky.

Side window deflectors can also shade your vehicle from the overhead sun.  It creates a small additional barrier/shade for the sides of your car, truck, SUV or CUV and can often reduce the greenhouse effect inside.

Wind noise reduction is another function of vent visors.  For those who are smokers or who enjoy driving with the window down for ventilation, side window deflectors are perfect for keeping the volume of air flow whipping around to a dull roar.

Due to their impact resistance, many people who work on ranches, in construction or even in mud sports enjoy using vent visors due to their deflective properties!  They’re great at keeping the mud off the window and if you happen to throw some gravel or dust during a run, it helps keep damage and grit to a minimum.


Most vent visors are made from flexible, impact resistant acrylic or ABS plastic.  Some styles are chrome plated to give a shiny appearance.  These wind deflectors are made scratch resistant and some brands even allow you to prep and paint them to match your vehicle colors.

Two-way heavy duty adhesive (most are applied with 3M brand adhesive) comes pre-applied to the visors to make installation easier for you.  When you’re ready to install you simply remove the backing.

Styles and Finishes

Vent visors can be ordered in sets of 2 or 4 depending upon the style you choose.  There are different style choices including smoke, dark smoke, chrome, clear and camouflaged.  Each visor is custom made to fit the make and model of your vehicle.

In channel vent visors install by slipping inside the channel of your car window.  This is the area where your window rests, moves up and down.

Tape On wind deflectors simply install by taping over the window receptacle, near the top of the door.  Both styles provide different and unique looks.

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