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Vesado LX II 245/50R18 112500

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Product Description

Passenger – Premium Touring

The Vesado LX II provides all-season handling and extended tread life for a wide range of passenger cars and minivans. A comfortable ride adds to the value of this Toyo tire.

The Versado LX II performance touring tire gives luxury sedans and coupes a more eco-friendly, all-season option for city and highway driving. Improved fuel economy and tread life make it a greener choice and with a smooth, quiet ride the premium Versado LX II makes daily driving comfortable and reliable.
The versatile all season Versado LX II touring tire is available in H, V, W and Y-speed ratings.

Part No: 112500
Tire Size: 245/50R18
Speed: V
Load: 100
UTQG Rating: 400 A A
Sidewall: BW
Warranty: 80,000 km

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