The Car Salon in Calgary provides all car audio services with all the top name brands like MTX and Pioneer.

A stereo amplifier is a device that increases an audio signal so that it can be heard through a speaker. While this would seem like a basic function of any audio equipment, the power required to produce a series of sounds hardly takes any energy at all. Without a stereo amplifier, the music from a radio may sound like a distant whisper that many humans would not be able to hear at all. To generate that sound through a speaker, a much greater source of power is required, and that sudden surge of power is likely to distort the acoustics that is produced. A stereo amplifier increases both the power generated towards the output and the quality of the sound being replicated at the same time, allowing consumers to comfortably hear music or any recorded audio through amp

The logistics behind a stereo amplifier are actually quite a bit more complex than the standard definition implies because a number of things must happen at a precise time in order for the sound output to be sufficient. Since many amplifiers work off of an electrical power supply, which is an alternating current, the energy flowing into the device needs to be transformed into a direct current. While the transition would not be important within many electronic devices, a stereo amplifier requires an uninterrupted source of power in order to effectively power a speaker.

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