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If you’re a hardcore audiophile, you’ve come to the right place. The equipment here is for the high fidelity enthusiast who can discern subtle differences in sound quality; those with tin ears ctest-equalizeran move along. For the music lover who wants more than just a lot of volume and bass from an amp and a subwoofer, we’ve gathered the instruments that allow you to fine-tune your car stereo sound including equalizers, processors, crossovers, and bass maximizers.

Inside of an automobile is a tough place to create a quality sound. There is an abundance of different surfaces, some of which absorb sound like seats and carpet, and others that reflect it, like glass and plastic. Plus there is the ever-present road noise. A standard receiver will let you adjust little more than bass and treble, but an equalizer will allow you to tune the sound to suit your taste and help overcome the shape of the cabin or less than ideal speaker locations. With an equalizer, you can adjust individual frequency response, to add more boom to the low bass, add clarity to vocals, and reduce irritating brash tones.

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