GPS Navigation


GPS Navigation

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GPS Navigation
A navigation system, whether portable or installed may be the ultimate convenience feature. Read more

There are three popular kinds of navigation systems for use in cars: an installed navigation system, a portable navigation system or a navigation app for a smartphone. All have their pros and cons.


Installed Navigation
Installed navigation systems are the kind that is often already installed in the car at the factory.Read more


Portable Navigation

Portable navigation devices are navigation-only (or they may also include a few other features) devices that can be temporarily installed in the car and removed easily.Read more

 Compared to fixed install navigation, the portable device is often much less expensive and it can be moved from car to car easily. The map and the software can often be updated easily by connecting it to an internet connected computer via USB. However, the portable navigation device doesn’t include the connection to the car’s electronics that help it provide route guidance when satellite signal reception is poor. If you are in a hurry, starting the portable device may seem slow.


Smartphone Navigation App

Many smartphones include navigation apps that are very easy to use. When you’re not driving, the familiar smartphone interface is simple and intuitive when you can hold the phone in one hand and operate it with the other. Read more

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Points of Interest
Millions of places stored on memory cards, DVDs or fast hard drives
Traffic Ready
Get there with units that provide real-time traffic updates and auto-rerouting.
Sync your mobile phone to your navigation system for hands-free calling iPod
Up to 9” widescreens ideal for navigation, MP3s, pictures, and movies.
iPod/iPhone Control
Fully control the playback of your iPod or iPhone music and video library
Voice Control
Some systems let you use your voice for control and destination input voice
Save Your Gas
The average vehicle uses 12% less gas when equipped with a GPS Navigation unit