Car Video Systems- calgary

Car Video Systems

Car Video Systems are a great way to keep the family entertained. Therefore you are happy. On a long trip bring the kids favorite movie, throw on the head sets. You can now have the freedom to play your music or just enjoy the ride. Applications are available for many current and recent model  vehicles. Each system includes  tablet-look styling, Hi-Res LCD display w/ capacitive touch controls instead of  mechanical buttons and the ability to configure the system to meet your  specific family and personal needs. Headrests are matched to your vehicles  factory seating materials

iDOC+ Media Center includes Micro SD & USB ports. Supports iPhone® 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, iPod Touch®  4 & iPod Classic (GEN 6)

There are 6 system configurations  available:

  • Dual-DVD
  • Single DVD w/ iPod™/iPhone™ Dock
  • Single DVD w/ Monitor
  • Dual iPod™/iPhone™ Docks
  • Single iPod™/iPhone™ Dock w/ Monitor
  • Dual Monitors

X and Z-Series ceiling mount entertainment systems play DVD, CD and MP3 discs plus the family photo album in JPEG format. The 16:9 wide-screen, flat-panel LCD displays, available in 10.2″ Hi-Def (800×480) or 8.4″ Std-Def sizes. The X10 also features 50 action packed video games with wireless game controller, HDMI input for smartphones, Apple certified iPod Touch/iPhone interface  with FREE iTunes APP (optional harness required), an auxiliary mini-jack w/ RCA adapter to connect a game console, video camera or MP3 player! Add the optional front seat IR repeater and control the X or Z-Series from the front seats with the included wireless remote control. NOTE: The X10 Apple interface does not support the iPhone 5 but you can connect it via the HDMI input and the appropriate adapter.