Automotive Painting

Automotive Painting

Here at The Car Salon Auto Body and Collision Centre. Automotive painting is like an art form us. Our company processes and policies are in place and it gives our painters a canvas that is prepared to the highest standards in the industry because when your car hits our painting booth, we want it to come out like a work of art.

Automotive painting in our state of the art Paint Booth is one of the best in Alberta. The Car Salon Autobody is a partner of DuPont with factory trained and licensed auto body technicians and car painters.

Dupont  IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE ENVIRONMENT Authorized Dupont Paint Professionals

  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Water-based paint compliant
  • Downdraft airflow during spray and cure cycles
  • 1.5 million BTU direct-fired heat unit
  • Programmed with Smart Cure technology
  • 4 x Advance Cure towers with 9 adjustable air nozzles each
Automotive Painting Calgary
paint scratch repair

Car Scratch Repair

  • From polishing techniques to car scratch repair techniques, we always have the ability to improve any damage, flaw, chip, or scratch on your car; from end to end, from top to bottom!
  • Combine our detail services with any car paint chip repair or road rash repair and receive 20% discount on selected chip repair or road rash repair.
  • We believe informed customers make better customers, so please feel free to call with any questions

Paint Chip Repair

We believe in offering our customers as many reconditioning options as possible for their vehicle at the Car Salon Auto Body Shop.

As many of our customers know, we advocate the application of a clear bra paint protection film from the very beginning of new car ownership, but we also realize that at the point of sale, not every car is purchased in a new or even tip-top shape.

Vehicles driven daily are often left unprotected and suffer from the whims of the open road. So what can be done with a car that is peppered with paint chips and debris scratches? Our in- house paint touch- up service is a simple solution.

paint chip repair calgary
quality paint job calgary

Final Inspection

Your auto body repair will be finalized and thoroughly inspected to ensure that all damage has been taken care of and that the quality of the work carried out is second to none. We then prime and paint your vehicle with Dupont primers, sealers, and quality car paint, followed by a clear coat finish that improves and protects the appearance of your vehicle for years to come.

We endeavor to be your trusted “One Location… One Solution” centre.

For more information on our Auto Body, Collision Repair or other services please contact:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 403.769.9309
Address: 1725 32 Ave. NE #122 Calgary, AB T2E 7C8

Automotive Painting

Automotive Painting