Automotive Painting


Automotive Painting

Here at The Car Salon Auto Body and Collision Center automotive painting is like any art form and with company processes and policy’s in place and followed it gives our painters a canvas that is prepared and prepped to highest industry standards because when your car hits our paint booth we want it to come out like a work of art. Automotive painting in Our new state of the art Paint Booth is one of the best in Western Canada.  The Car Salon is a partner of DuPont with factory trained and licensed employees.

  • Water based paint compliant
  • Downdraft airflow during spray and cure cycles
  • 1.5 million BTU direct-fired heat unit
  • Programmed with Smart Cure technology
  • 4 x Advance Cure towers with 9 adjustable air nozzles each

Everyday, DuPont helps its customers outpace the competition by bringing the miracles of science™ to automotive design and development.

We are pleased to say that here at The Car Salon Auto Body and Collision repair in Calgary , Alberta that we have some of the top technicians in the industry with factory training with several lines including DuPont. Our painters have painted many show cars which translated in many awards giving our customers  winning results at car shows and competitions across Canada.

Here at the Car Salon we choice to use nothing but the best in the industry that is why we have partnered with DuPont because No matter what your choice of transportation is, DuPont products are a part of it.  Cars, trains, boats, planes, trucks, RV’s, snowmobiles or motorcycles.  From supplying paint to Henry Ford for the first automobile to landing on the moon, DuPont has been there.

Dupont  IN PARautomotive-painting2TNERSHIP WITH THE ENVIRONMENT Authorized Dupont Paint Professionals
Your repair is given a final, thorough inspection ensuring all damage has been cared for and that the quality of work performed is second to none. We then prime and paint your vehicle using primers, sealers and quality paints from Dupont, followed by an application of a clear coat finish that enhances and protects your vehicle’s appearance.