Collision Repair


Collision Repair & Auto Body Repairs

Collision repair is done in many ways. The training and education is government regulated and designed to put out well trained and knowledgeable technicians. The Car Salon Auto Body and collision repair center located in Calgary, Alberta hire the most qualified technicians available in the industry. We have all our staff involved with the Alberta Government’s apprenticeship training programs. At all times to help us develop our employee’s to be well trained. And current on all industry trends. The Car Salon Auto body Shop is an AMVIC registered business.

We will replace body panels and parts with approved OEM or aftermarket parts. Body panels and parts not being replaced are repaired with the best quality materials, and workmanship. This provides our customers the

All of our products meet or exceed industry standards. With our state of the art equipment and techniques. We do all collision repair,  auto body repair, paint less dent removal or (PDR) for short , frame straightening, and automotive painting. All can be done with as good or better than factory results. This should make you, the customer feel confident and Comfortable. That the auto body and collision repair will be done to your satisfaction. The Car Salon Auto body Collision repair division is their for you. With policy’s and procedures that are proven to work.

Where to get a Collision Repair Estimate in Calgary

If you have had a Collision and are in need of a collision repair estimate. Phone us to make an appointment today! The TCS Autobody Collision repair services will include the following. Dent removal, frame straightening, paint repair, bumper repair, body work, rust removal. Or any other repairs you need.

You can rest easy knowing that The Car Salon Auto Body shop will restore your vehicle’s appearance and performance to pre-accident condition.

 As needed, we will carefully and expertly:

  • Reassemble structural parts to factory specifications and restore the factory corrosion protection.
  • Weld replacement parts with auto body repair and auto paint techniques and equipment. Using factory approved methods to protect structural integrity.
  • Align the suspension and wheels to maintain the original safety design.
  • Ensure the seams around bumpers, fenders, grille and hood all meet factory specifications.
  • Complete the job with our precision auto paint color matching computerized and state of the art system. Designed to match paint to factory specs.collision repair

Do I need a Collision Repair Sticker?

If the damage to your car is greater than $2000.00. A collision sticker is required by law. Damage stickers inform the police that the collision has been reported and allows for auto-body shops to repair the damaged motor vehicle. Damages cannot be starter until an collision repair sticker is obtained. The Sticker can be obtained from any local police station and is free of charge.