Frame Straightening


Frame Straightening

Our frame straightening facility uses the latest Car-O-Liner system from the leading global provider of collision repair systems.  Car-O-Liner products are well known for their high quality, advanced technology and ergonomic design. Should your vehicle require frame repair, be assured that our modern frame straightening system will restore it to it’s original condition.

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Frame Straightening at The Car Salon Auto Body and collision Center in Calgary,Alberta utilizing a Car-o-liner electric-over-hydraulic frame rack. Our technician can measure the structure of any vehicle to within two millimeters of the approved factory dimensions.  How do we know the correct dimensions?   The Car Salon Auto Body and collision Center in Calgary Alberta utilizes autatex International’s CRS (collision repair solution) database. This Software  contains structural dimensions for every make and model of vehicle produced in North America.  The information contained in this database is government recognized as the standard reference for collision repair data.  At  The Car Salon Auto Body and collision Center Calgary ,Alberta, Hunter wheel alignment equipment utilizes laser technology to measure the steering angles of any vehicle to within a millimetre!  Hunter equipment is also referenced by a database of vehicle specifications which is updated every six months.  As part of the inspection and collision repair process,  The Car Salon Auto Body and collision Center located in Calgary ,Alberta utilizes both Snap-on and OTC scanning equipment.  These devices enable our technicians to communicate and troubleshoot the onboard computer controlling airbags and all other electrical systems.

Cars and light trucks are designed stronger and lighter every year.  The material and design technology utilized in building modern vehicles changes constantly.  At  The Car Salon Auto Body and collision Center in Calgary ,Alberta, the learning process is ongoing.  Our technicians attend the international collision repair conferences every year to learn about the new techniques and equipment required to repair modern vehicles.  This knowledge combined with our heavy duty frame straightening equipment ensures that we are one of the few facilities in the Calgary area capable of straightening the new high-strength car and truck frames.

If your vehicle has sustained structural or suspension damage,  The Car Salon Auto Body and collision Center has the expertise to fix it right, the first time, on time.

Our convenient Calgary location is at 1725 32 Avenue NE Calgary,AB.