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Performance Chips


Performance chips are awesome in that they revitalize your car by increasing horsepower and torque just by plugging in a programmer. There a variety of options available just for your needs.

Power Programmers

These programmers enable you to take control of the electronic settings placed on your vehicle. Simply connect one of these to your vehicle’s OBD-II port to get started. A range of customization options become available to you right away. Read more

Engine Management Systems

Having an engine management system gives you ultimate and total control over your vehicle. This is an overhaul of your car’s system to give you complete customization. The EMS is for the advanced user is looking to literally replace their stock computer. Giving them the options to adjust air/fuel ratio, EV limit, the timing, larger injectors, boost control, nitrous injection control and even more. This can all be done by plugging the EMS into the factory harnesses and by using the factory sensors. The perfect addition for the racing enthusiast. Check out Jet Performance, AEM and MSD Ignition for such products.

Will a performance chip void my warranty?
The concern that your vehicle’s warranty may be of consideration when you tune your vehicle is completely understandable. Another point to note is that you are protected under the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act, which states that your warranty cannot be voided because you have installed an aftermarket part. There must be evidence that the part installed caused damage to your vehicle in order for any warranty to be voided. The nature of this product has almost no risk involved as the configuration of the tuners are reversible and can be returned to its original vehicle configuration, it is technically not a permanent alteration to your vehicle.

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