The Art of Pinstriping

Pinstriping-The Beginning

In the History of Automotives, the function and form have been in a lot of debate in regards to petrol heads and the makes and models of choice but over time the aesthetics have always been in the forefront of customizations and marketing. In today’s market and futuristic airfoil lines, the form aesthetic customizations are endless- whether you’re looking for a sleek restoration or a rusted, beat up sleeper. In this article, we’re going to explore the art of the pinstripe and how these sleek lines have accented your favorite models over the years.

What is Pinstriping?

Dictionary.com defines pin striping as “a very thin stripe, especially in fabrics. [and/or] a pattern of such stripes”; now we are all familiar of the pattern used on vehicles applied with paint or adhesive vinyl and made to enhance the feature of the vehicle body or create a freestanding design to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd. The history of pinstriping has essentially been around since the time of the ancient Egyptians where they used the idea of pinstriping for making ‘decorative line art'(Boddington, 2018). Essentially the same fundamental concepts for the idea to decorate, design, and fill negative space.

A Personal Touch!

During the industrial revolution, the pinstripe was used for numerous things from signage to furniture and even on horseless carriages and early automotive. The transition to the automotive design industry became a staple from the Ford Model T to today’s modern vehicles.

After WWII American Auto Industry soared to new heights of success and innovation as the rationing of goods was done and American’s we’re allowed to spend freely. Mass production of the automobile began and consumers and America found a love for the industry. Manufacturers were coming up with new designs, shapes, and models to keep up with the demand and so began the automobile customization and Hot Rod Culture-consumers began creating their own modifications.

As the culture of modification grew so did the want for more personalization. Pioneers began to use these vehicles as canvases creating amazingly intricate designs on fenders to keyholes, “…[In] the late 50’s/ early 60’s, If you built a hot rod, it’s had stripes…”(Andy Kawahara). As the years went on the love for massive intricacies of pinstriping faded and the simplistic aesthetic came back to the forefront mimicking their predecessors.

A New Era

With the advances in today’s technology the art of pinstriping also advanced with precision cuts and long-lasting vinyl! With less time and effort and the ability to use different finishes and custom patterns; the industry took by storm as the long-lasting solution to hand painting signs and pinstriping. Still, a valued skill, the art of hand-painted pinstriping is always an amazing craft with an everlasting finish but if you’re looking for a quick and fully customizable design vinyl as a great option.

Calgary Pinstriping, Decals, and Livery!

At The Car Salon, we have all the tools, resources, and specialists with the ability to serve Calgary Alberta to do any auto body customization. Whether your looking to create an adventure mobile with some customized decals to personalize your ride or simply accentuate your bring to life the sleek vision for your ride we have everything you need to do it! Located in the North-East quadrant of Calgary AB (1725 32 AVE NE Calgary AB Canada) The Car Salon has been serving Calgary since 1998 and Calgary’s trusted source and one-stop-shop “For Everything Automotive”. Call today and request an appointment!

Refurbished Fleet Vehicles Calgary

Fleet Vehicle Refurbishment

Refurbishing Fleet Vehicles

If your business has fleet vehicles, then you know that the unknown variable of mechanical, auto-body and refurbishment repairs can be diabolical. You show up and cause your vehicles to be out of service at the least expected time, which costs you money.

When fleet vehicles are your business, you either have an in-house automotive repair shop and auto-body repair shop or you have a list of tried and true vendors that work at your speed and budget.

Refurbished Fleet Vehicles Calgary
Refurbished Fleet Vehicles Calgary

But what about the rest?

Whether you’re buying a fleet of used vehicles or fixing those with miles on them, you’re going to make decisions to replace or restore them. Restoration is not a consideration f

or many, because the costs outweigh the benefits. At the Car Salon, we are experts in the fleet vehicle refurbishment and restoration business for “the rest.” Your mechanical and auto-body repairs can often take a day, if not just hours, but when faced with cleaning the vehicle to make the driving experience good for the driver-time out of service can be a little longer, costing you money.


The Car Salon can provide high quality, cost-effective repair, and refurbishment to fleet vehicles at our refurb center in Calgary, AB.

SMART repairs and refurbishment:

  • Paintless dent repair – keeping vehicles out of paint shops
  • Body scratch and stone chip removal
  • Bumper repairs and re-texturing
  • Paintwork treatment and glazed finish
  • Interior repairs and re-texturing
  • Windshield repairs & replacement
  • Alloy wheel repairs

Other services:

  • Missing/damaged parts replaced subject to authorization
  • Body and paint facilities
  • Latest Spot Repair System
  • Fast track paint booths
  • Isolated damage repaired at minimum cost
  • Mechanical and safety pre-delivery inspections


What does this mean for my bottom line?

Not only do your vehicles need to run well, but they also need to look good and work well. Things tend to fall apart over time, the yellow headlights, the leather, and the fabric are torn apart, the dash fades out of the sun, the carpet is worn out of the footwear.

Truck Accessories Store Calgary

Truck Accessories Calgary

Bug-Out Vehicle Accessories Alberta

The Car Salon in Calgary can Turn nearly Any Vehicle into the Perfect Survival Machine with truck accessories Calgary.

We don’t want to be alarmist at all. Recent days have contributed to a renewed involvement in many truck accessories and services we provide to
local Calgarians.

Off-Road Truck Accessories Calgary
Off-Road Truck Accessories Calgary

By writing this blog, we aim to give you some suggestions on what it is that you should be searching for in a decent bug-out vehicle so that if a natural catastrophe or worst-case scenario happens, you’ll be able to get in your Bug-Out Vehicle and get your family to safety.

The Car Salon in Calgary is the “One Best Place” for all your car and truck accessorizing needs.

Truck Accessories in Calgary isn’t just our business, it’s our passion. When it comes to finding the right place for auto accessories near me, you’ve found it. Your search is over.

The Best-Bug Out Vehicle Accessories

Once you have a Bug-Out Vehicle, there may be certain modifications that we suggest to properly execute the functions needed in the backcountry. This will include excellent Off-Road Tires, which you can find on our Shop for Tires page here.

After all, we’re preparing to use this truck when the SHTF, so wherever that might be, any of these camping accessories are going to come in handy.

Lightbars and Work Lights

Getting clear functional LED flood lighting on the side and back of the truck is going to help a lot. There might be circumstances when, instead of bugging out, you may like to lend a helping hand to a neighbor or your community, whether it’s after a terrible storm or the much-needed reconstruction and assistance after a disaster. Because many of these accidents will trigger blackouts, having overnight work lighting on the side and back of the cab can transform the truck into a workstation. When you are outdoors and are setting up camp or at your bug out location, these lights give you the chance to have all-around visibility to ensure the area is clear, and to allow you to see your surrounding area to set up camp at night. A couple of good options for work lights on your truck are Rigid Industries or ODX Lighting.

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Get your car verified before buying with The Car Salon

Get your car verified before buying with The Car Salon

There is a huge market for used cars in Canada. However, you’re always in two minds about buying a used car because you never know what you’re going to end up with, a prize or a lemon. Buying a used car yourself from a buyer can be risky as you may not know what all to look for in your inspections. We’ve jotted down some essentials you absolutely need to check, but for a more detailed inspection before buying a used car we always recommend you check with the experts at The Car Salon.

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The Ultimate Guide To Save Fuel Using Simple Steps

The Ultimate Guide To Save Fuel Using Simple Steps

If you’ve been following the news lately, and with the current global climate the way it is, fuel prices are only going to skyrocket. Fuel prices are already a point of contention in Canada, along with Auto-Insurance and the situation is only going to get worse. We’re going to talk about some of the best and easy-to-implement fuel-saving tips that can be used in your day to day life to reduce the burden on fuel prices in your home.

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Dent Repair In Calgary

Dent Repair in Calgary

We love our cars, there is no doubt about it. It’s so hard to look at any unsightly dents and dings we could have on the body of the vehicle. It could be due to a collision, due to bad weather conditions or plain old stupid luck that leaves our cars dented. The best solution we have to offer in such scenarios is paintless dent repair, also known as PDR. For more serious problems we might have to look at the more conventional dent removal methods. We won’t know until you show up, so if you’re in need of some quick affordable dent repair services in Calgary, get in touch with The Car Salon Today! Continue Reading

Auto-Body Work Repair Estimate Calculation

Auto-Body Work Repair Estimate Calculation

What’s the first thing that hit your mind when you’re in a car accident? it’s to make sure everyone you’re with is safe and sound. The second is usually about the costs involved in getting your car looking like new again. You’re probably doing some mental calculations and trying to figure out how much everything would cost. We’re going to try and break it down for you in the points below so keep reading on how to try and accurately estimate the cost for your repairs.

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Bumper Repair Services in Calgary

Bumper Repair Services in Calgary

We bet you’ve been in a fender-bender at least one in your life. A cracked bumper and maybe a hurt ego is all you got out of it but if you don’t choose the right shop for your repairs then you could also be left with an empty wallet. You think it doesn’t look so bad so you either leave it alone hurting your street cred or try and fix it yourself doing more damage than before. Take our word for it, with the best and most affordable bumper repair services in Calgary at The Car Salon you won’t have to worry about a thing.

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Winter Vehicle Theft

Winter Vehicle Theft Prevention

Help out “Operation Cold Start”


Winter Vehicle Theft Prevention: Just under 6,000 vehicles were stolen across the city last year, approximately 16 per day.

The Calgary Police Service is out with another warning about leaving your vehicle running as Operation Cold Start begins.

It is the third year of the program that will run until February 1.


Over the past few years, car thefts have been on the rise. Besides the big inconvenience that a stolen vehicle has on its owner, it is also a big expense. Auto theft costs Canadians close to a billion dollars a year, according to the Insurance Bureau of Canada–this includes costs of repairing or replacing vehicles (which impacts insurance rates), police and court costs, and millions more for criminal conviction correctional services.

We carry many products here at the Car Salon Calgary to help prevent you from becoming the next victim. Although you can’t always stop a thief who is determined to steal a certain car, there are ways you can reduce the chance of theft.


Winter Vehicle Theft Prevention Calgary
Winter Vehicle Theft Prevention Calgary


Remote Starters

Three security levels will protect your vehicle when you start your vehicle remotely. Next, if they are not already closed, the remote start must automatically lock the doors. A would-be thief can’t just jump in and drive away. Even if they do get in, two additional levels of security still exist to keep it safe. Check out our Full Line of Remote Starters by clicking here.

Car Alarms

Thieves tend to avoid warning cars or anti-theft systems because when they enter, they attract attention. Such tools are well worth the investment, and in their tracks, they can often avoid a robbery and move on. We can often combine your remote car starter & alarm as a single unit. We carry a full line of Alarms to meet your vehicle’s needs. More info on our Car Alarms Here.

GPS Tracking Systems

While this may not prevent theft, tracking systems may help quickly locate and recover a stolen vehicle. We emit a signal that allows police or surveillance to keep tabs on where the car is heading. Also available are self-tracking GPS systems that enable vehicle owners to position devices (sometimes small tags) inside the car, allowing them to locate where the vehicle is via their smartphone. While this software will help you find your car in a large parking lot, never go on your own after a stolen vehicle. Please report to the police the details you have received. Give us a call or check out more info on GPS Tracking Systems.


Give us a call anytime for Friendly Service on all your Vehicle Electronics needs!




Best Truck Accessories

Best Truck Accessories

Whether you’re a truck enthusiast who has owned a truck his entire life or just someone who has a new found love for pick-up trucks, you’re going to absolutely love to make it your own. Here are some fantastic pick-up truck accessories you are going to want to get your truck feeling like your own. Make it look like a head-turner with your own personality using these accessories.

Best Truck Accessories

Truck Decals:

One of the fastest, easiest and most affordable ways of personalizing your trucks is to use truck decals. Decals come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. What you need to take into consideration is, however, that you fit them well. Most companies will simply sell you the decals while at The Car Salon we ensure to sell you the best quality products and also take some time out to fix them in a way that is most visually appealing.

Lift Kits:

For the more adventure-seeking individual, Lift Kits are all the rage especially if you’re planning to go through some rugged terrain. Your suspension can take a real beating if you’re not careful but with the right lift kit, you’ll be saving yourself from a lot of costly repairs. To know more about life kits and how which ones best fit your vehicle speak to an expert from The Car Salon. You’ll want to get a lift kit that helps your truck push the boundaries of its off-roading capabilities and we have just the items in stock for you to come and test ou

Stereos & Speakers:

We’ve recently written about the best audio system that you can get for your vehicle. One of the most important elements of a vehicle is its audio systems, at least in our humble opinion. So stop by our auto care service center to pick out a system that will not only suit your vehicle but will also complement your song choices.


Like with the lift kits bumpers are a necessity for anyone looking to go off the trodden path is to fit some nice front and rear bumpers on their vehicle. We offer a variety of bumpers for trucks that will fit your entire spectrum of off-roading requirements. Heavy gauge steel bumpers that offer more protection than your regular everyday OEM bumpers will provide. But is safety the only thing they provide? Well, no. Bumpers can also be used as a way to enhance the styling cues of your roaring machine.

Headlights and Taillamps:

Another accessory that could help spice up the styling cues on your pick-up truck is the fantastic range of headlamps and taillamps that we keep in store, especially for big vehicles. Replacing your OEM headlights could really up the stakes in the looks department of your pick up truck. It takes a while to find what you’re looking for as the size needs to be perfect and it needs to look good.

While there are several ways you can truly customize your pick-up truck there are only a few places in Alberta, Canada you can get the kind of service you truly deserve. The Car Salon is definitely one such place that lives up to the customer’s expectation. If you’re looking for the best ways to customize your truck and the best people to do it for you, visit The Car Salon today!


June 2021