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Car Interior Shampoo

The carpet and upholstery shampooing or steam cleaning is our best selling package for a reason. Mostly vehicle carpets come as stain-resistant. Carpets are normally meant to reduce staining problems and protect the interior of the car from dirt and grime.Read more


Carpets are textiles just like clothing, lines, etc. Our trained professionals for auto carpet & upholstery steam cleaning, Calgary, take some time to first understand the carpet as well as the car seat for the individual type of materials and age and then apply treatments accordingly so that they are cleaned effectively as well as safely. We generally recommend that the carpets be cleaned regularly at a gap of 6 months. If not yearly cleanings are must. Professional cleaning increases the longevity of the carpets since each and every speck of dirt is cleaned. We know that even a tiny amount of dirt in the carpet rubs together and the carpet fibers wear out prematurely.


According to the type of carpet and stain or dirt, we apply any of the following cleaning methods.


Carpet Shampooing- This is the commonly known name of the hot water extraction method. In this method we apply pre-spray and then hot water rinse and agitation is used for the removal of soil and soap. For the agitation we use machines for application of pressure with brushes and sometimes simply use the wand that vacuums the hot water that was sprayed on the carpets for the rinsing of the pre-spray. Read more


Steam Cleaning- In this method we use rotary machines with steam and water vapors to conduct the cleaning and after that thorough wet vacuuming follows. This method has been in vogue for quite some time now. We highly recommend this method compare to shampooing.


Dry compound- For this method, cleaning compound that is 98% biodegradable is spread evenly over the thing in discussion. The compound attracts all the grime, dirt and dust and then the entire compound, including the dirt is vacuumed off which leaves the carpet absolutely dry and clean. Read more


Bonnet- In this method, the surface is sprayed with a mist-like pre-spray and then a bonnet or round buffer starts scrubbing the mixture in a rotating motion. The machine used looks like a floor buffer and a spin pad that absorbent, attracting soil and rinsing or replacing repeatedly. Read more


Encapsulation- Another popular method of carpet & upholstery deep cleaning Calgary has is encapsulation which works like many tiny sponges in the form of polymers or deep-cleaning compound crystals that absorb and dissolve dirt before getting removed.Read more


Interior and exterior detailing packages in Calgary NE are available with us. We employ the latest cleaning techniques so that your upholstery and carpets retain the optimal appearance and color. Read more


For car seats and carpet steam cleaning Calgary, we use the best chemicals and cleaning materials. The cleaning is not just restricted to the passenger seats but often extends to the car's trunk area to ensure the best all round cleaning of the car. In case of pet hair removal, we assist you by taking care of that, thus removing the headache and arm grease that it may involve for you to do it by yourself.Read more