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3M Paint Protection film is a must in my opinion. We spend a lot of our hard earned money on a nice looking vehicle. I know you want your vehicle to last as long as it can. You appreciate the appearance of your vehicle.  So when we drive around Calgary and end up on Deerfoot Trail. Alberta is known as the rock chip capital of the world.  To protect your beautiful paint job with 3m paint protection film, pre-cut precisely for your vehicle to give your front end the paint protection against the rocks or pebbles on our roads. This covers the leading edges of the front end of your vehicle. I love this product. All I can say is protect your investment. Enjoy your vehicle and keep your paint in mint condition. When you go to sell your vehicle you do not have to re-paint the front end. You will maximize your return. That’s a benefit to you! Save your Time….. Save your money…..

Visualize 3m Paint Protection Film on your car.  Just click and fill in your make and model and see what and where we can cover.

I a going to tell you about one of my customers regarding our 3m paint protection film. Our customer had just bought a brand new car. I talked to him on the phone. I asked him to come to our shop so I could see his vehicle and talk to him about his concerns and what areas he wanted to be covered. He decided to go with the full package. We looked after him and was another happy customer. A few months later I received a call from him. He expressed his concerns after being in an accident. He had hit a person in front of him. I said no problem please come down so I can have a look. Well, a couple of hours later he showed up at our shop. We were outside looking at it. I thought for sure his bumper had some damage. I brought his vehicle into the shop so we could remove the damaged area. I was so happy to find no damage to his bumper, it was the 3m paint protection film that needed to be replaced. So instead of removing the whole bumper. We made it cost effective to the customer. Just removing and replacing the damaged area. This is what I call protection! He was very happy and I was too!

WHAT is 3m Paint Protection Film?

For many, a vehicle is the second largest investment you make in life. Paint Protection Film is the way to protect that investment, using the top two brands. Unfortunately, due to cost-cutting and environmentally friendly factors. Vehicle manufacturers have all switched to water-based “green” paints. This new paint is much softer and subsequently very prone to chipping, fading, and staining! Your vehicle’s paint is exposed daily to the many harmful elements. From the road as soon as you leave the dealership. Whether it be rocks, gravel, insects, salt in the Canadian winter, or other road debris. Your vehicles front end has a lot to go up against. Protect your investment with our invisible paint protection film package. Cover the complete “front facing” surfaces of your vehicle with one of our 3m Paint Protection Film products.

We carry the top products from 3M Paint Protection Film, and SunTek Paint Protection Film all backed by a no-hassle lifetime warranty. Using our on-site digital plotting technology to precision cut for your specific vehicle, our certified installers can guarantee perfect fit and installation for every vehicle based on your coverage needs and budget.

3m Paint Protection Film also protects you from minor scrapes and hits.  If someone scratches the film. It can be removed and replaced.


Benefits of 3m paint protection film:

  • Protects your vehicle from stones, salt, bug damage, road debris, even small accidents!
  • Increases your vehicle’s resale value
  • Super-clear, an undetectable film will ke3m , suntek, automotive, paint protection film, clear braep your paint looking new
  • No maintenance required, simply wash like you would the rest of the vehicle
  • Adheres to the vehicles paint with no drilling, chemical adhesives, or fasteners
  • Can be safely removed from your paint anytime
  • Lifetime warranty against peeling, bubbling, and yellowing!
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The Car salon also carries SunTek Window Tinting Films for your car as well.

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