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Signage on a lawn or affixed to the side of a building. Are signs bearing your corporate identity and an expression of who you are.

Well designed and well-crafted interior and exterior signage project a professional image to the world. Raise your profile and help you connect with customers and other audiences.

Interior & Exterior signage

Here are some ideas of interior & exterior signs. Display Signs, wall mounted, ceiling suspended, Directory Signs, Identification Signs/Name Plates, Back Lit Signs, Engraved Signs, Cut Letters – flush or projected from a wall.

Branding your business

We are very excited to be given the opportunity to help you create a new look. With your and image for your complete business.  Your imagination and creativity is the root of graphics design carried through to your business. Interior and exterior signage are how your customer will find you. This process has to be clear, clean, and a large VISION. This will bring life to your business.

The sign salon Division is ready to help you with all of your advertising needs we use 3m Canada products and have 3m trained staff.


Tell the world who you are with outdoor signage that highlights your presence. Promoting your company’s unique identity.  At the Sign Salon, our beautifully crafted outdoor signs are available in a wide range of designs and materials. All our exterior signs are created with your budget and design aesthetic in mind.

Options for outdoor signage include sandblasted signs, dimensional signs, dimensional letters, wood monument signs, and many other types of exterior signage.

Custom made signage is usually designed for a business. To convey the name and location of the business, or to promote a specific service or product that the business offers. Custom-made signage may be as simple as a small hand-written sign hung in the window of a shop. Or it may be a very intentional bit of branding put together by a large scale marketing company. Then present on thousands of outlets of a single corporation. This type of signage comes in all shapes and sizes. There are very few changes to the themes among the different types.

Often custom made signage meant to promote a business will include the name of the business. The most effective forms of signage tend to have a central element aside from the name that becomes iconic. The signage used for the McDonalds™ company is an excellent example of this. The iconic Golden Arches used in their signage have become as well recognized as their name. Making them immediately visible from great distances, and giving them limitless branding opportunities.