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Automotive Window Tint

At The Car Salon Films & Graphics division in Calgary. We specialize in solar control window film and paint protection for cars, trucks, boats, and RVs. Our goal is to provide a resource for those individuals seeking the highest quality products, the most skillful, experienced installers, and the most advanced application methods in Calgary. Come in and experience our commitment to quality for yourself at The Car Salon.
 Throughout our careers as window film professionals, we have worked with products from every major film manufacturer. At The Car Salon Tinting, we use the finest Suntek window films, as well as state-of-the-art computer cutting equipment to provide the best possible installation. All the products we carry feature a lifetime manufacturer's warranty and a durable, scratch-resistant coating. With several different shades to choose from, it is easy to find the right match for your needs. Feel free to visit our store in Calgary to see our film samples.

Finding the right company to apply your window tint in critical to having the best window tint around. At The Car Salon, doing the job right the first time is important as we strive for repeat customers.

With many Window Tinting shops in the Calgary area, it can sometimes be hard to know who you should go with. We have been applying window tint with 20+ years of experience.

In Alberta, windows can only block a limited amount of UV rays. This is because of the law regulating the visible light that is let in by the film. For information on limits of tint, please call 403.250.3722, as these limits vary per window and location on your car, truck or SUV.