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Hankook Tires

About Hankook Tires

In 1888, Benz invented the first gasoline car,
equipped with unique metal tires covered with rubber and filled with air, resulting in the pneumatic tire. The public, which was accustomed to hard, metal tires, believed the pneumatic tire to be no less than revolutionary. The popular use of the pneumatic tire began in 1895 and it was featured in an automobile race from Paris to Bordeaux.

Tire Structure

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Inner Liner
The inner liner substitutes for the tube in the tires interior, consisting of a layer of rubber with superior airtight qualities which maintains air inside the tire. The rubber generally consists of butyl, a synthetic rubber or a polyisoprene type.


Importance of Checking for Tire Wear
The deeper the groove, which is on the surface of the tire, the more grip a tire will have. You can prevent the danger of unexpected accidents by checking for tire wear on a regular basis.

Recommended Hankook Tires Interval Between Check-ups
Hankook recommends that you check for tire wear at least once a month. Also, make sure you check your tires before and after a long journey.

< Tire Tread Wear Indicator >
Checking for Tire Wear with Tire Tread Wear Indicator
You can check for the depth of the groove by using a tire tread depth gauge or by observing the Tread Wear Indicator on the side of the tire. To ensure optimum safety and performance, tires should be replaced when the tiregroove wears below.


The Importance of Hankook Tires Replacement
Timely replacement of tires is critical to driver safety and also influences vehicle lifespan and performance.

When to Replace a Hankook Tires
in case of severe tire erosion.
in case repair is impossible due to damage (e.g. puncture).
How to Replace a Tire
In the case of a damaged tire and wheel, professional consultation is recommended. Tire replacement should only be done by a trained and highly experienced technician.

Tip for Tire Replacement

  • As a minimum requirement, replacement tires should ideally be fitted in pairs across the same axle.
  • If tires are replaced on only one side, it can cause left-right imbalance and have an effect on a cars performance.

Hankook Tires

Hankook Tires

Getting into an accident can be a painful experience. Every year millions of dollars in damage is done by hailstorms in the Calgary area. We want to make the rest of the process to getting back to normal as easy as possible for you.