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Shop tires with the Car Salon located in Calgary, AB from the top brand names and private labels straight off our tire rack. All covered by our Car Salon Tirecraft Calgary Price Match Guarantee.

The Car Salon is an authorized BridgestoneContinentalFirestoneBF GoodrichCooperDick CepekFalkenGood YearKumhoGT RadialGeneralHankookMichelinToyoPirelliMickey ThompsonPro CompVredesteinYokohama & Lauffen dealer. We also carry passenger and light truck tires from other major brands. We have many options to shop tires available, so you can find the size and style that best matches your needs. If you have any questions, contact us. We’re happy to assist you in your search.

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Tire Brands

We offer Calgary a wide range of brand names and private labels covered by our Car Car Salon Price Match Guarantee. Need a repair service? Browse our Shop for Tires Widget! We carry out complete, warranty-approved maintenance and repair of the vehicle in order to keep you on the road. Take a look at our specials and coupons to save even more money with current discounts.

When it’s time to shop tires Calgary, at the Lowest Tire Price Period, Car Salon is here to make sure nothing gets in the way of your busy timetable with more than 250,000 tire styles in inventory!


Give us a call or try our our Tire Widget above.

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Address: 1725 32 Ave. NE #122 Calgary, AB T2E 7C8

Need a tire repair service?

Browse our Shop for Tires Widget for all the latest

We carry out complete, warranty-approved maintenance and vehicle repair in order to keep you on the road. Check back often for a look at our auto repair specials and tire coupons to save even more money with current discounts.

The Car Salon Auto Repair Centre is more than most tire shops. We provide professional automotive repairs, sales, and service of tires and wheels.

Our shop started in 1978 and continues with all the customers we serve today. TCS management team got started servicing vehicles and moved up the ranks, we know that great results begin with great people and we continue to choose employees who are committed to customer service and who demonstrate a strong work ethic.

We offer a comfortable waiting area with a TV and free Wi-Fi.

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  • ALL-SEASON: Dependable in dry, wet, or snowy conditions.
  • ALL-TERRAIN: Capable of any type of road surface.
  • LOW PROFILE: Better handling and performance.
  • MUD / OFF-ROAD: Best in wet, uneven, rocky terrain.
  • PERFORMANCE: Sporty, with excellent traction and maneuverability.
  • SUV
Shop Tires Calgary

Shop Tires

To meet all your tire needs, Car Salon Tirecraft is here. From finding the correct tires to bringing you low, Out the Door Pricing for your lifestyle. By providing a tire installation package that will assist your tires last, we’re here to assist.

Manufacturer Rebates

Check the recent sales, best deals from manufacturers, and present rebates on new tires, shocks, struts, etc.

Tire Installation Package

Car Salon Tirecraft in Calgary, Alberta, is a proud leader in tires and wheels. Our team of automotive specialists will help you with our installation package to make the most of your investment.

Trailer Tires

Look for trailer tires that fit all your needs – from heavy-duty to special trailer service tires for boats, campers, utility trailers, RVs, and more.


At the Car Salon in Calgary, you will discover excellent tires at excellent rates. Innovative companies like Bridgestone, Firestone but also Dunlop are selling new models. On our website, you can search for the size you need, browse our catalogs for online tires, request tire deals and services, and even pick up your tires on-line with our simple on-line tire fitting widget.

Tires are only one element of our company. We provide a wide range of services including mechanical repair, tire balancing, and alignments. In order to make this possible, you can trust the Car Salon. Ask for a quote online or call 403.250.9723. We are conveniently situated to serve you from Airdrie, Balzac, Cochrane, and Okotoks.

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Tires Calgary

Car Salon is an authorized dealer of Bridgestone and Firestone. We also carry tires from other significant brands for cars and light trucks. Shop online now for tires. We have plenty of alternatives available to help you discover the size and style that best suits your requirements.

Please contact us if you have any concerns at 403.250.9723 We are pleased to help you with your quest.

Tires Calgary

Regardless of which passenger vehicle you’re driving – a car, truck, SUV, or minivan – the only contact you make with the street is with your wheels. Staying secure behind the wheel relies on getting traction when you need it, and using us at the Car Salon is the best way to do that. That’s exactly what our technicians can do for you – dependable passenger and light truck tire services are done by expert mechanics.

Winter Tires Calgary

Winter Tires

Snow Tires

What are they and do you need them?

Once October is here, and temperatures have dropped across the country. That means it’s time to put on your car’s winter tires. And if you don’t have winter tires, perhaps you should consider them.

A few things make it a winter tire. First of all, they have big blocks of tread and deep grooves to bite into the snow. Second, when cornering, they tend to have a squared shoulder to dog in the snow. The multiple compounds of rubber are the reason why winter tires are not only for snow and ice. The winter tires really excel on the dry pavement where all-season tires tend to be less efficient.

However, there are some major downsides to winter tires. At smaller temperatures, typically  7 degrees and below, they offer you more grip, but they have less grip than other tires above 7 degrees. That implies you need to switch to all-season or summer tires in springtime. The cost of the second set of tires is there, you typically pay to have them switched twice a year, and then the issue of storing the second set is there. There’s a nice amount of space for four tires.

Perhaps most important for powerful performance cars are winter tires. Often this sort of vehicle comes with normal summer tires, in contrast to winter tires. When it’s hot, they offer you a stronger grip, but when it’s cold, they’re straight hazardous.

All-season tires are better than they ever were, and for most individuals, they’re going to work. But winter tires and summer tires are the way to go if you want the complete highest output at all temperatures.

All-Weather Tires

Do “All Weather” Tires Work in Alberta?

Depends on if you’re looking for a do-it-all tire that can bring you through a heatwave to a snowstorm, the trick could be done by all-weather tires.

They have specially crafted tread designs and improved rubber compounds that offer to rival winter and snow tires momentum in cold weather and perform well under milder circumstances, comparable to all-season tires.

Make sure you have the correct tires for you to get traction this winter. And don’t forget in the warmer months to check your tire pressure. Under-inflated tires wear out more quickly and may also pose a danger to safety.

All Weather Tires Calgary
Studded Tires Calgary

Studded Tires

Yes, they are legal in Calgary!

Are you tired every winter of buying snow tires and finding that you still need more traction? We’re offering the best alternative at the Car Salon Tire Shop –  studded tires. We also give the removal of tire studs when studded tires are no longer required seasonally. In Calgary & surrounding regions, we serve clients. Do not be unprepared when the winter climate strikes tough!

So what are tires that are studded? We bring your fresh tires and insert in the tread layout of the tire 80 to 100 studs per tire into holes molded. Studs look like short, flat nails and are made up of two main parts. The carbide pin of tungsten protrudes beyond the pneumatic tread and contacts the pavement surface, while the outside of the stud is held in the tire tread at its base. Studs are placed flat-head-down and for spreading the rubber and inserting the stud we use a unique device. Only fresh tires can be studded, as riding debris and worn tread will influence the process and stop the studding of tires.

What occurs at the end of winter when you no longer need your studded winter tires? At the Car Salon, we are offering stud removal. If the tires are comparatively new and the tread depth remains important, we can remove the snow tire stud by lubricating the studs and removing the studs by twisting each one with pliers. Even if the tires are older but still have a reasonable tread depth, we can still give stud removal, although, without the studs, the wheels will now have less traction. We conduct stud removal for older tires in the same way as on newer tires, but we also submerge tires in a water tank to verify that air bubbles do not exist.

Air pressure should be checked daily once the studs are removed to guarantee that there are no leaks. Whether your tires are old or new, our qualified experts will ensure that your tires are in great driving condition once the studs have been removed.

Off-Season Tire Storage

Save space and avoid the dirty, cumbersome job of storing your off-season set of tires and wheels in your home with the Car Salon Storage Service.


Avoid heavy-lifting, loading, and unloading your tires and wheels several times each year, and let the Car Salon do the work for you.


In our secure, climate-controlled distribution center, your tires and wheels are stored on a protected tire rack until you need them again in the coming year.

Tire Storage Calgary
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