Coolant System Service


Coolant System Service

Engines can fail when you least expect them to, leaving you and your family stranded on the side of the road…Coolant System Service can prevent this.

The Car Salon’s Tire Craft Division provides the leading cooling system repair shop in  Calgary, AB. No one likes waiting for a towcooling-system truck, but vehicle breakdowns can and will occur if preventive maintenance is not a priority. If you’ve ever witnessed a breakdown on the side of the road in Calgary, AB. chances are the breakdown involved a driver with an overheated engine. Overheating has been the most common mechanical breakdown on the road. Typically, cooling systems require servicing and maintenance from every two years to every 50,000 Km’s. This leaves you plenty of time to coordinate a cooling system maintenance or service for your car or truck at our facility.Read more


– Maximizes the life of cooling system components-temperature sensors, head and intake gaskets, water pump, heater core, and radiator, etc.

– Minimizes costly repairs to the cooling system. The engine will run more efficiently.

Cooling System, Flush & Fill

Your vehicle’s cooling system requires basic maintenance just like most relied upon car parts to…Cooling System, Flush & Fill


The Car Salon’s Tire Craft Division provides cooling system flush and fills services to customers in Calgary, AB. You just hit the road for a long trip, but a few miles down the highway your temperature gauge goes into the red. Soon there’s smoke billowing out from under the hood of your vehicle due to an overheated engine. You wait for a tow truck, and who knows when you’ll be back on the road headed to your destination?Read more

Radiator, Replace

A radiator leak can mean big trouble for your vehicle’s cooling system if not attended to…radiator replace

The Car Salon Tire Craft Division is the leading radiator replacement shop in Calgary, AB. While, in many cases, a radiator will last up to 150,000 miles, the first sign of trouble can be seen in a pooling green puddle under your car or truck. Often, this is a sign of coolant or anti-freeze leaking from your radiator or radiator hose. Don’t ignore this warning sign. A breakdown may not be far away. Read more

Radiator, Pressure Test

Sometimes a radiator leak can be easy to spot. The coolant might be found dripping, spraying, or…Radiator, Pressure Test

The Car Salon Tire Craft Division provides radiator pressure tests to customers in Calgary, AB. Your vehicle’s radiator will last up to 250,000 Km’s, but that won’t stop a crack from opening up due to an old corrosive coolant. Stop in and see our mechanics for a pressure test at the first green puddle you find pooling under your vehicle. Our facility in Calgary, AB is ready to service your vehicle in times of emergencies or routine radiator maintenance.Read more