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The Car Salon - Tirecraft is a family owned and operated tire and auto service centre serving Calgary & surrounding areas since 1978.

We can get most tires...just let us know what you need! If you have any questions or do not understand why you need a specific service please check out our Tires 101 page and we are sure it will be a big help.

Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff, well-trained and experienced service professionals and affordable prices will make your to The Car Salon Tirecraft a pleasant one.

Basic Principals of a Tire

How to Shop for Tires and what to think about?

Basically, a tire is a rubber container of pressurized air. This air filled rubber container supports the cars load. Makes it easier to move a car forward, backward and side-to-side.  Your tires also provide traction and make going down an imperfect road bearable, especially on Calgary, AB city streets.

Tires are built of many layers of components. Tires are made of fabric and steel woven in layers called belts. Then a rubber tire tread is on top of the belts which is seen mostly by a customer. There are many tread patterns for every brand of tires. The sidewall of the tire contains information about size, height, width, speed ratings, and load, capacity. An example would be P225/65R15 102/s. A taller, softer sidewall will absorb more bumps, while a shorter, stiffer sidewall will provide better cornering ability and sharper steering response. For most tires, this code will start with a “P”  which indicates Passenger. Some may start with an “LT” to signify light truck. Some may have a “Max. Load” indicator. When selecting new tires, it is important to check the manufactures recommended size located in the owners manual or on inside of the drivers door.


Where to Shop for Tires

where-to-shop-calgaryWhen it comes time to shop for tires drivers have a lot of options. The most expensive option is to return to the dealership. Dealers will want to replace old worn down tires with original-equipment tires. This option can cost twice as much as going to the local tire shop.

The Car Salon sells tires from seven different local warehouses in the city of Calgary. This allows us to give our customers the tires they want at great prices. In addition to low prices, The Car Salon offers customers quotes over the phone or you can Contact Us by email. We provide mounting and tire balancing. We also help customers take their summers off and put their winter tires on.  We are your calgary tires one stop shop solution.   Get your tires Calgary!

Shop for Tires that are Plus Sizes

Plus sizing usually increases corneringover-sized-tire response and traction. Often these gains come at the expense of increased ride harshness. These larger wheels and tires are often not as durable as OEM wheels and tires.

A few items of note to consider about plus sizing when you shop for tires

  • Will change the look of you car in a desired way
  • Make sure that the tire and wheel are approved for use on your vehicle.
  • Make sure that the replacement tire size has the same load-carrying capacity.
  • The new wheel and tire combination should be within 3 percent +/- the original tire diameter. So not to affect your speedometer speed.

What to look for in Tire Tread Wear

How longtire-tread a tire will last depends on several factors.  Including your driving habits, the elevation of where you live, climate, and road conditions. The harder the road conditions, the faster your tires will wear down.  Calgary, AB’s curvy roads, pot holes and other road conditions cause the tread on your Tires to wear down faster. A manufacturer’s estimate on how long a tire should last is based on in house testing and not always on real roads. When you Shop for Tires check the tire’s Uniform Tire Quality Grading, or UTQG. The UTQG is the U.S. Department of Transportation’s labeling system for the tread wear, temperature resistance and traction of each type of tire [source: Cook]. A tire with a UTQG tread wear of 300 is predicted to last three times longer than a tire with a UTQG of 100. A scale of A to C is used for temperature ratings, and a scale of AA to C is used for traction ratings.

Although the UTQG can help you compare tire life within a single brand, the grading system can be explained in different ways between different brands. Just another thing to consider when you shop for tires.

Winter Tires or All Season Tires

When you shop for tires and are trying to decide if you should go with a “All Season Tire “, or if you should have a summer and a winter set of tires. There are a few things to consider, such as climates anwinter-or-all-season-tiresd terrain.  Where as Winter Tires may not be a big seller in Miami.  In Calgary, AB it is almost a given that a customer may have 2 sets of tires.

All this aside when you shop for tires if you buy an average all-season tire, you can probably expect it to last several years under normal driving conditions.