Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)


Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

A Tire Pressure Monitoring System is a device designed to continuously monitor tire pressure. When…

The Car Salon, Tirecraft division staffs the leading Maintain your TPMS System technicians in Calgary, AB. A decreased tire pressure is a common issue that you might have during the lifetime of your vehicle. Your tires are strong and crafted to withstand the inconsistencies on the roads you drive daily. However, atMaintain your TPMS System times your tire can take on too much, like the stab of a stray nail or the piercing edges of a shard of glass. When your tires take on too much a tear can occur and lead to a flat tire or lessened tire pressure. To prevent your visit to the roadside, you can install a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to help detect instances when your tire pressure is decreased. We offer the benefits of this proactive technology at Calgary, AB, including the ability to prevent flats and the safety issues that are present when driving on a low-pressure tire. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System is designed to continuously monitor tire pressure. In the event that your tire pressure decreases, the tire pressure sensors will report the discrepancy so it can be remedied. When you make the decision to install the TPMS or other improvements such as Calgary, AB. We will provide you with the ability to keep your vehicle road ready.Read more

Nitrogen Tire Inflation

Your tires deal with the strain of long miles on unpredictable roads every day. So, why not show some love…coming-soon

The Car Salon, Tirecraft division staffs the best nitrogen tire inflation technicians in, Calgary AB. Air is a necessity to sustain life, but not necessarily the life of your tires. Yes, it gives your tires shape, drive, and the ability to propel you to your destinations, but there is a more effective alternative—nitrogen. Nitrogen tire inflation can give your tires the boost they need to achieve enhanced performance and stamina. The improvements that nitrogen can make on the endurance of your tires will support the journeys you take every day and the inspire spontaneity of terrain not yet traveled. We offer the benefits of nitrogen tire inflation in Calgary, AB. which includes increased mileage and longer tread life. Your choice to select the additional care of supplemental automotive maintenance can offer you improvements to the performance of your tires including the delightful delay of replacement tires and the fortune of superior fuel economy.Read more

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Service (TPMS)

Keeping your vehicle’s tires inflated to the correct pressure as indicated by the manufacturer will…

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

The Car Salon, Tirecraft division staffs the leading Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) technicians in Calgary, AB. Your vehicle’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System continuously monitors the air pressure in your tires. When there is an instance of low tire pressure in your vehicle’s tires, the system will detect and report the discrepancy in the form of a dashboard indicator light. When the TPMS light flashes on your dashboard, it’s either time to check your tire pressure, inflate the tire with low tire pressure, or bring your vehicle into our location in Calgary, AB so that the issue can be remedied by our certified mechanics. Tires operating below maximum efficiency will put the overall performance of your vehicle and the safety of your passengers at risk. Your vehicle’s TPMS system helps to increase your safety on the road in  Calgary, AB by improving your vehicle’s maneuverability, decreasing your tire’s tread wear, reducing your vehicle’s braking distance, and improving your vehicle’s fuel economy.Read more